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weak link

Someone or something considered inferior to the other parts of a group, series, or mechanism. The weak link in computer security is almost always the end user. Derek hardly ever comes to class, so I'm not surprised he was the weak link in our group project.
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link in the chain

One of the steps, stages, or points in a development, process, or series of events. This new tram line is but one link in the chain of our greater plan to update the city's public transportation system. It was the deregulation of the market that proved to be the most crucial link in the chain of the eventual economic meltdown.
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link up

1. To join with or connect to something. These two toys link up to create a super-sized robot. According to the map, the creek should link up with the main river about a mile from here.
2. To connect two or more things together. In this usage, noun or pronoun can be used between "link" and "up." If you link up the monitors, you can have each spreadsheet open at full size on each screen. Just link your phones up over Bluetooth and share the data wirelessly.
3. To meet with someone. I'm linking up with the teaching assistant this Tuesday to go over my test results. I'd love to pick your brain about new ideas for our next project. Let's link up sometime next week!
4. To join someone or a group to form a team, association, partnership. They should definitely link up—I think their two companies would be really well suited to each other. By linking up with the foreign distribution company, we've been able to quadruple our sales in under a year. If we linked up, we could solve this crime in no time.
5. To introduce two or more people; to join two or more people together into a team, association, or partnership. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "link" and "up." I'm going to link you up with my tax adviser—she should be able to help you with your problem. My job is to link companies up with a PR representative who fits their day-to-day needs. I've been trying to link you two up for years—I think you'd be perfect for each other!
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link someone or something up (to something)

to connect someone or something to something, usually with something that has a type of fastener or connector that constitutes a link. They promised that they would link me up to the network today. They will link up my computer to the network today.
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weak link (in the chain)

Fig. the weak point or person in a system or organization. Joan's hasty generalizations about the economy were definitely the weak link in her argument.
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weak link

The least dependable member of a group, as in The shipping department, slow in getting out orders, is our weak link in customer service , or They're all very capable designers except for Ron, who is clearly the weak link. This expression alludes to the fragile portion of a chain, where it is most likely to break. [Mid-1800s]
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link up

1. To collaborate or team up: The two minority parties linked up to oppose the ruling party. Two popular bands have linked up for a nationwide tour.
2. To introduce someone into a relationship or collaboration with others: Can you link me up with a good financial adviser? I linked them up last year and now they are partners. The convention links up buyers and sellers.
3. To join together: The two trains linked up to form one long train. This road links up with the highway in six miles.
4. To connect something with some other thing: We linked the trailer up to the truck. I linked up four extension cords and plugged the vacuum cleaner in. They linked the computers up so that they could share files.
5. To meet with someone, especially in order to do something: Let's link up next week and discuss the report. I linked up with my friends after the concert.
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