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link to (someone or something)

1. To have a connection with someone or something. The sudden reversal in policy seems to link to pressure put on the administration by several large lobby groups. I only found out recently that our family tree links to George Washington!
2. To connect multiple people or things physically to one another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "link" and "to." We linked each child's leg to their neighbor's with a bandana for the three-legged race. Link each paper hoop to the next in order to create a chain.
3. To find, discover, or establish a connection between multiple people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "link" and "to." Often used in passive constructions. There's nothing linking me to their criminal activities! Long-term use of the medication has been linked to heart failure, respiratory issues, and muscular atrophy. I can link our computer to the company database over the internet.
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link someone or something to someone or something

 and link someone or something and someone or something together; link someone or something together with someone or something ; link someone or something with someone or something
1. to discover a connection between people and things, in any combination. I would never have thought of linking Fred to Tom. I didn't even know they knew each other. I always sort of linked Tom with honesty.
2. to connect people and things, in any combination. We have to link each person to one other person, using this colored yarn to tie them together. We linked each decoration together with another one.
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A classic example is running a link search on the hate site to discover what other primary sites that link to it are also hate sites.
First, you need to create a 'bundle' and then you can successively add each link to the bundle.
Most news organizations have staff blogs that link to news and sources on other sites, and a smaller number are experimenting with dedicated pages of curated links to interesting and important content elsewhere on the Web.
Online desk references that link to logistics problem-solving advice; Certified Professional Logistician certification.
Technology is shortening the daily office commute and providing a secure and economical link to clients, customers and satellite offices.
* The site offers a convenient link to the School Kids Come First service that allows parents and the community to make online donations for specific school and district projects, such as purchasing school uniforms.--OED
The different body parts link to different story paths.
Avoid miscues like no links back to the home page, a link to the current page on the current page, poorly worded links so visitors don't know where they'll go when they click, or confusing links to the home page.
High lateral stiffness of the design allows the upper control link to be lowered without a significant loss in cornering performance so packaging height can be significantly reduced, if necessary.
Some websites allow you to post a link to your website or firms can actually buy links on highly ranked websites and, the third option is, a link exchange, basically, you let me on yours and I'll let you on mine.
An example would be our link to Google Groups, which was on our Mailing Lists & Newsgroups page as well as our Online Directories page.
Lawyers have complained that linking to another site's news items, for instance, may be a copyright violation, and companies have sued against those who link to their site (Kelly v Arriba Sort Corp., 1999).
In the World Wide Web, for instance, tens of thousands of sites link to a few popular Web sites, such as Google and Yahoo, while there are often just a few links to an individual's home page.
"Award of this contract option will enable Link to upgrade the second of two F/A-18 dome trainers at NAS Oceana, enabling these legacy trainers to benefit from recent advancements in visual system technologies and become concurrent with the advanced Super Hornet platform," said John McNellis, president of Link Simulation and Training.