link to

link to (someone or something)

1. To have a connection with someone or something. The sudden reversal in policy seems to link to pressure put on the administration by several large lobby groups. I only found out recently that our family tree links to George Washington!
2. To connect multiple people or things physically to one another. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "link" and "to." We linked each child's leg to their neighbor's with a bandana for the three-legged race. Link each paper hoop to the next in order to create a chain.
3. To find, discover, or establish a connection between multiple people or things. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "link" and "to." Often used in passive constructions. There's nothing linking me to their criminal activities! Long-term use of the medication has been linked to heart failure, respiratory issues, and muscular atrophy. I can link our computer to the company database over the internet.
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link someone or something to someone or something

 and link someone or something and someone or something together; link someone or something together with someone or something ; link someone or something with someone or something
1. to discover a connection between people and things, in any combination. I would never have thought of linking Fred to Tom. I didn't even know they knew each other. I always sort of linked Tom with honesty.
2. to connect people and things, in any combination. We have to link each person to one other person, using this colored yarn to tie them together. We linked each decoration together with another one.
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Lawyers have complained that linking to another site's news items, for instance, may be a copyright violation, and companies have sued against those who link to their site (Kelly v Arriba Sort Corp.
com/exec/obidos/ASI N/047 1371572/qid=997470559/sr= 2-1/ref=aps_sr_b_1_1/002-2355385-8313650 OK, it's a link to a book, "The Best Web sites for Business Appraisers, Accountants, and Financial Professionals," by Eva M.
The MedlinePlus management system generates the files that allow MedlinePlus to link to MeSH-based NLM resources.
Included is a link to a Web site with a virtual dog: visitors can plug in a simple equation and the dog will bark the answer.
The award, which marks Saudi Arabia's first purchase of MIDS, will include deliveries of the MIDS LVT-3 Fighter Data Link to be incorporated on the Saudi F-15 fleet.
Websites that add a link to share on Facebook will enable people to distribute content by posting it on their Facebook profiles or by sending it to specific Facebook friends without ever leaving the original website.
The technological advantages of the new digital standard allow Sky Link to offer its subscribers high-speed Internet access and data services (up to 2.
As a key building block for the service, NexTone's MSC enables Rapid Link to connect thousands of civilians and active military personnel deployed across the globe with their loved ones at home via Internet telephone calling.
The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract calls for Link to provide all contractor-supplied services and product updates for the B-2A Spirit training system.
ZAO Tver Cellular Communications will operate the new network and provide high-quality, mobile voice and high-speed data services at speeds of up to 153 kilobits per second, enabling Sky Link to expand its coverage to include Tver, an important region located between Moscow and St.
These capabilities have positioned Link to meet emerging military training requirements, such as for the unmanned aerial vehicle market.
The contract calls for Link to deliver one full mission trainer, two squadron level trainers, two egress procedures trainers, instructor operator stations, computational systems and a visual system database.
This important award allows Link to retain its global presence in F/A-18 simulation and continue its expansion as the leading global provider of distributed mission training systems," said David Love, vice president of business development for Link Simulation and Training.
Together these three companies make up a full spectrum of Internet services that allow Visual Link to offer Innovative solutions ranging from the residential, corporate to Government Services and solutions.
The BIG-IP Link Controller seamlessly directs traffic to the best connection in order to efficiently use bandwidth resources and send users over the best Internet link to achieve superior performance.