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linger around

to wait around; to be idle some place. Don't linger around. Get going! All the students were lingering around, waiting until the last minute to go into the building.
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linger on

to remain for a long time; to exist longer than would have been thought. This cold of mine just keeps lingering on. Some of the guests lingered on for a long time after the party was over.
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linger on (after someone or something)

 and stay on (after someone or something)
to outlast someone or something; to live longer than someone else or long after an event. Aunt Sarah lingered on only a few months after Uncle Herman died. She lingered on and was depressed for a while.
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linger on something

to delay moving on to the next thing; to remain at something and not move on. Don't linger on that one problem so long. I don't want to waste a lot of time lingering on this question.
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linger over something

1. to take too much time or idle over something, such as a meal, a cup of coffee, etc. I could linger over coffee all morning, given the chance. Don't linger over your soup. It will get cold.
2. to dawdle over the doing of something. You shouldn't linger over eating your dinner. It would he best not to linger over making up your mind.
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In order to frame his analysis of the missing person in present day anthropology, Linger returns us to the chicken and egg dilemma in Durkheim's classical sociology: does the individual control the social or does the social control the individual?
Henry Goldfarb, vice chairman, and Stanley Lindenfeld, senior managing director, of Grubb & Ellis's New York office represented both tenant, Linger Cafe, and landlord, 525-541 Atlantic Avenue LLC, in the transaction.
Their journey is documented in 'The Linger Loco', an extraordinary account of bizarre escapades, chance encounters and humorous reflections on life.
Their first was called Living the Linger and was an account of their adventures driving across America in a van.
And when the shooting and bombing is done, no audience lingers to watch victims and their families grapple with their shattered lives.
In her poetry as showcased in Keeping Still, Lois Beebe Hayna uses words the way a classical composer uses the notes of the scale in order to create multilayered imageries that linger in the mind with the impact of a highly evocative linguistic art.
Monitoring systems enable 'companies to verify their actions, meet their objectives or provide an opportunity to take corrective action before problems linger for extensive periods.
As the government pours hundreds of billions into war, it has no money to take care of the Vietnam veterans who are homeless, who linger in VA hospitals, who suffer from mental disorders, and who commit suicide in shocking numbers.
All of their records have been surpassed, but the memories linger on.
The display and its accompanying software enable presenters to run and annotate computer applications or digital video right on the plasma screen using a supplied pen or any form of non-electronic stylus, such a linger.
If nothing else, the discovery of a homoerotically charged temple dedicated to Antinous dispels any lingering doubts as to the nature of the relationship between Hadrian and his consort, putting to rest an 1,800-year-old mystery (though questions linger over whether Antinous was pushed, fell, or jumped to his death in the Nile at age 21).
Consumer sentiment will linger in the positive range through most of this year, yet rising concern over Australia's generalized economic slowdown will lead many households to put high-end purchases on hold.
He is drawn to the insights of those readers of scripture of the last centuries of the previous era and the first of our own, who allowed themselves to linger on the texts until they perceived meanings and solutions, who fixed on a word or even a letter, awaiting an illumination that would satisfy.
Nine treatments later, tattooed spots still linger.
For example in wipeouts, thieves linger in front of the merchandise and then move large amounts of goods.