line with

line (something) with (something)

To cover or fill the inner surface of something with some other material, substance, or objects. I lined my coat with wool to keep me warm in the winter. It turns out that the previous owners had lined the walls with asbestos, so we had to gut the entire building. These greedy merchants are just looking for ways to line their pockets with gold.
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line something with something

to place a layer of something over the inside surface of something. You should line the drawers with clean paper before you use them. I want to line this jacket with new material.
See also: line
References in classic literature ?
one soldier was saying to another, pointing to a Russian musketeer who had gone up to the picket line with an officer and was rapidly and excitedly talking to a French grenadier.
The casting facility also added a new line for nobake molds to replace an existing line with a smaller mixer and less space.
Macchi will operate a coex blown film line with all-gearless motors from Siemens on three extruders, the oscillating hauloff, and five winder rolls.
To avoid turning an ankle stress touching the line with the foot facing forward (perpendicular to the line) and not sideways (parallel to the line).
Typically, rates on traditional home equity loans are more in line with longer-term rates, while credit lines are indexed to shorter-term rates.
The allocation of corporate staff to an entrepreneurial venture during its early stages could necessitate a very expensive benefit structure completely out of line with its business needs in terms of attracting employees or competing with established businesses.
compact extrusion line with AC drive, 8-ft cooling tank, and AC puller/rotary servo cutter capable of up to 50 cuts/min.
Concluding that the nobake molding and pouring operation must be upgraded significantly to remain competitive in the long run, Wollaston investigated designs for the new line with the following parameters in mind:
The firm is also showing a complete sheet line with special roll stack for making lenticular lenses.
Initially, the new plant would ramp-up with a single Disamatic 2013B Mark V molding line with a 239-ft.