line pockets

line (one's) (own) pocket(s)

To make a large amount of money for oneself in a way that is considered greedy or dishonest. The phrase typically implies that one is prioritizing making money above some other, more admirable goal. He doesn't care about creating some digital utopia—he's just trying to line his own pockets. This new contract is going to line our pockets for years.
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line (one's) pockets

To make a profit, especially by illegitimate means.
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line one's pockets, to

To accept bribes, or acquire money in some other questionable way. One writer claims that this term originated when a court tailor who wanted the patronage of Beau Brummel gave him a gift of a coat lined with banknotes. However, the term to line one’s purse, meaning to cram it full of gold or money, predates the eighteenth-century dandy by some two hundred years; Shakespeare used it in Othello (1.1), where Iago speaks of dishonest servants who “have lin’d their coats.”
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In reality, however, the body broker industry appears to show the same familiar disregard for the value of human life and the same willingness to violate moral norms to line pockets with blood money.
" We have gone in for threemonthly review of spending to see that benefits actually reach the last person instead of rotting in files or used to line pockets. Billions have been issued from the Centre, but nowhere to be seen on the ground," Naqvi said.
These are guys who have had an age of seeing administrators chisel and cheat, duck and dive, line pockets and generally insult the game.
"The situation occurs because some people want to line pockets and come to power.
Everyone should enjoy a brief day-dream of the wonderful things pounds 82m of wasted council taxpayer''s money could better do than line pockets of a few shareholders and senior officials.