fall for (someone or something) hook, line, and sinker

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fall for (someone or something) hook, line, and sinker

1. To become completely infatuated or in love with someone. The moment I met my wife, I fell for her hook, line, and sinker.
2. To believe unquestioningly that something is true, especially something intended to dupe one. I told them that I like this stupid school, and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker—I guess I'm a pretty good actress.
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fall for someone hook, line and sinker

If you fall for someone hook, line and sinker, you fall deeply in love with them. I fell for her hook, line and sinker.
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fall for something hook, line and sinker


swallow something hook, line and sinker

If someone falls for something hook, line, and sinker or swallows something hook, line and sinker, they believe it completely, even though it is often not true. He told her a story about having lost his money, and she fell for it, hook, line and sinker. There were leaks to the press, and journalists swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
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Any decision rendered by them is supposed to have passed judicious and prudent scrutiny such that people simply have to accept its wisdom hook, line and sinker.
The trouble is people swallow these things hook, line and sinker.
And, although every home crowd inevitably thinks that they get the rough end of the stick, he did seem all too gullible whenever Scunthorpe went to ground - the most glaring example when Josh Morris took an outrageous dive under a challenge from Jamie Sterry and Mr Moss, woefully behind play, swallowed it hook, line and sinker.
The referee bought it hook, line and sinker. That penalty was the defining moment in the game." - Fermanagh boss Pete McGrath hits out after Aidan O'Shea was awarded late penalty that put Mayo ahead for first time in qualifier
The Twilight star, 28, fell for it hook, line and sinker when his older sisters pretended that his middle-aged mum was pregnant.
A WOMAN said she fell "hook, line and sinker" for a man accused of having sex with her when she was an underage schoolgirl.
"Emmanuel was sold hook, line and sinker on the stock," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
SCHOOLS across Cardiff have gone in hook, line and sinker for sustainable fish and will be showing off their eco-credentials with a seafood celebration.
MY WEEK Punting high Getting with all-the-way Kempton winner Line Artic, who completed an across-the-card double for jockey Liam Heard (underused and deserves more opportunities to showcase his talents) Punting low Backing everything in running bar Leggy Lad in a maiden hurdle at Naas and getting that sinking feeling looking up at my position to see a thick block of red next to Stephen McConville's seven-year-old Taking the bait I can't believe Binocular has made my Champion Hurdle portfolio, falling for him hook, line and sinker after hearing upbeat reports Backhanded compliment It was nice to meet Galway's answer to Jedward on Monday night, who upon introducing themselves said: "Ah, Matt, we are big fans of the column, but you're not as good as that Tom Segal or Donn McClean.
HOLLYOAKS His sister falls for his charm hook, line and sinker, but with Darren's help, Rhys kidnaps Jamie, beats him up, and leaves him in the middle of nowhere with a stern warning to stay away from Hannah.
Dougie bought it hook, line and sinker and after he found out spat the dummy out so far it cleared the Campsie hills.
They might be new to Camden but here in Wales their following is deservedly huge, and all their fans will be having a sneaky laugh at the BBC official website that seems to have fallen hook, line and sinker for their hilarious made-up origins in their rAsumA.
The red-faced hitman fell hook, line and sinker for a rare dose of irony from his fellow players.
Hook, line and sinker -- this would be a fair characterization of Ohama's reaction.
Senator Leila de Lima expressed dismay on Wednesday that some public figures 'have swallowed hook, line and sinker' the administration's 'fantasy' that illegal drugs proliferated in the country when she was the secretary of the Department of Justice (DOJ).