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1. Weak; lacking force or conviction. Many have criticized the president's limp-wristed response to the attack, calling for him to authorize a full-fledged military strike.
2. (usually of a man) Weak; effeminate; lacking qualities typically associated with masculinity. (Often used in a pejorative way to imply that a man is homosexual.) He was at first dismissed out of hand by many as just a limp-wristed fop, but he proved himself to be one of the toughest litigators in the country.

(limp) dishrag

n. a totally helpless person; a cowardly and spineless person. He’s sweet, but he’s a dishrag.
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References in classic literature ?
Finally by dint of his mighty strength, Norman of Torn drove his blade through the meshes of his adversary's mail, and the fellow with a cry of anguish sank limply to the ground.
He handed it to the girl, and as she took it his arm fell limply across his chest, his head dropped back, and with a little gasp he stiffened and was still.
From the gaff of one, two gay flags hung limply, one a checkerboard of blue and white squares, the other a white pennant centred with a red disc.
They looked at him and raised his head, but it fell back limply when they let go.
A dozen pairs of hands were at the sled-lashings, when the young Le Barge Indian, bending at the same task, suddenly and limply straightened up.
But he was left limply weak, and, after tossing off the blankets and recognizing Jerry, he fell into a refreshing natural sleep.
Either the man was drunk or criminally malicious," he said that afternoon, from his perch on the bed, when Brissenden had arrived and dropped limply into the one chair.
The creature sank limply to the ground and Bradley scrambled to his feet.
At last she tossed him to a corner where he limply lay cursing and weeping.
Genevieve saw her lover's arms drop to his sides as his body lifted, went backward, and fell limply to the floor.
The sharp ears were not pricked so sharply as he had seen them on other wolves; the eyes were bleared and bloodshot, the head seemed to droop limply and forlornly.
In his arms he carried Anne, whose head lay limply against his shoulder.
He staggered limply about, the blood flowing from nose and mouth and ears, his beautiful coat sprayed and flecked with bloody slaver.
She arose and staggered forward, then came limply to a halt.
His body wrapped limply about the fist like a wet rag about a stick.