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be in the limelight

To be the center of attention. The phrase refers to a type of lamp that was previously used in theatrical stage lighting. My sister loves being in the limelight, but I get really nervous on stage. Once news of this scandal breaks, our company will be in the limelight for months.
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in the spotlight

1. Fig. in the beam of a spotlight, as on a stage. The singer was in the spotlight but the band was almost in the dark.
2. and in the limelight Fig. at the center of attention. (Limelight refers to an obsolete type of spotlight, and the word occurs only in this phrase.) John will do almost anything to get himself into the limelight. I love being in the spotlight. All elected officials spend a lot of time in the limelight.
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in the limelight

Also, in the spotlight. At the center of public attention or notoriety. For example, John loves being in the limelight, or The reporters made sure the attractive new actress would be in the spotlight. Both terms come from the theater and allude to focusing light on an important person, the first from a lighting device used from about 1840 on, the second from the early 1900s. Also see in the public eye; steal the show.
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out of/in the ˈlimelight

receiving no/a lot of public attention: If you are married to a Prime Minister, you are always in the limelight.In theatres, lime used to be burnt in front of the stage to give a bright light.
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