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take a liking to (someone or something)

To have or develop a fondness for or inclination toward something or someone; to be attracted to or desire someone or something. I never used to like onions as a kid, but I've taken a liking to them as I've grown older. I think Jennifer has taken a liking to my friend Tommy; I must try to set them up on a date!
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like the sound of (one's) own voice

To enjoy hearing oneself talk because one is pompous and/or self-centered. Boy, he really likes the sound of his own voice—I didn't think he would ever stop talking! I know you like the sound of your own voice, but can I please say something now?
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take a fancy to someone or something

 and take a liking to someone or something; take a shine to someone or something
to develop a fondness or a preference for someone or something. John began to take a fancy to Sally late last August at the picnic. I've never taken a liking to cooked carrots. I think my teacher has taken a shine to me.
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to someone's liking

fitting someone's personal preferences. l had my house painted, but the job was not to my liking. Large meals with lots of fat are not to Bob's liking.
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take a fancy to

Also, take a liking or shine to . Be attracted to someone or something, as in They took a fancy to spicy foods after their Mexican vacation, or I'm hoping he'll take a liking to the water, now that we have a cottage on a lake, or We think Bill's taken a shine to Betsy. The first term was first recorded in 1541, the first variant in 1570, and the last, a colloquialism, in 1850.
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for ˈyour liking

if you say, for example, that something is too hot for your liking, you mean that you would prefer it to be less hot: The town was too crowded for my liking.
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to somebody’s ˈliking

(formal) suitable, and how somebody likes something: The coffee was just to his liking.
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Scientists at North Carolina State University aren't aware of research that has applied the liking characteristic across the entire consumer tomato experience that ranges from the whole tomato to the flavor of the sliced tomato.
Brandtzaeg said that despite the controversy about slacktivism, many Facebook users in this sample believed that 'liking' a humanitarian cause could make a difference and this was strengthened by the fact that socially responsible 'liking' was the most common motivation and for the perceived motivation for liking a humanitarian cause.
Many of the study's findings are intuitive or even obvious: Liking Jesus Christ is strong evidence of being Christian, the researchers report March 11 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The brain divides wanting and liking into separate circuits for the same sweet reward.
As for declaring that, once you like someone, you're stuck liking him for life?
A lot of touching indicates strong liking for another person.
A similar correlation is seen between the visual preference and responses about liking workshop (0.
She takes a liking to Hernandez's Carlos, a straight-A's, straight-arrow kid from the East L.
However, those who reported liking the medical care that the facility provides more than any other aspect of facility life were less satisfied.
These pictures are based on photographs of friends as well as strangers, but they are more than just the product of Gobel's liking these men.
Then, a lesser shaman comes on--say a woman who is an expert on tampon stocks, or a new hotshot authority on squid futures from the brokerage house Biddle, Bamboozle & Butkis--and with all the animation of a sawhorse, tells Louis and his viewers which companies he or she "likes," as in "I'm liking Firestorm toys right now" or, "No one is liking the Lippo Group now.
There are a total of ten dishes for lunch and dinner, and guests have a healthy breakfast option of an egg white omelet, prepared to their liking.
7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Horizon Milling today announced initial findings from its proprietary multi-year research program to understand what drives liking and disliking of whole wheat breads by specific consumer segments at the 2013 International Baking Industry Exposition(IBIE).
By liking or unliking, users can visualise their impact on the ranking of their favourite airlines.