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Likewise, I'm sure.

It is a pleasure to meet you as well. A: "Thanks for all your input. I'm feeling really confident in our arrangement!" B: "Likewise!" A: "Hi Tom, I'm Mary. It's a pleasure to meet you." B: "Likewise, I'm sure. Welcome to the company!"


I feel the same way. Said as a one-word sentence in response to someone. A: "Thanks for all your input. I'm feeling really confident in our arrangement!" B: "Likewise!" A: "Hi Tom, I'm Mary. It's a pleasure to meet you." B: "Likewise."
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Likewise(, I'm sure).

Fig. The same from my point of view. (A hackneyed phrase said in greeting someone. See examples.) Alice: I'm delighted to make your acquaintance. Bob: Likewise, I'm sure. John: How nice to see you! Sue: Likewise. John: Where are you from, Sue?
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