the likes of (someone or something)

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the likes of (someone or something)

Anything comparable to someone or something. Typically used in a negative construction to indicate that something is unique or rare. Meteorologists think that blizzard was the storm of the century, so we shouldn't be seeing the likes of it again anytime soon. That acrobat show was incredible. I've never seen the likes of it.
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likes of someone or something

someone or something similar to that person or thing; the equal or equals of someone or something. I never want to see the likes of you again! We admired the splendid old ships, the likes of which will never be built again.
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likes of, the

Also, the like of one. An equivalent or very similar person or thing; an equal or match. For example, I've never seen the likes of this before, or We'll never see his like again. This expression today is almost always put in a negative context. [Mid-1500s]
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the likes of

a similar type of person or thing. informal
1989 Charles Shaar Murray Crosstown Traffic They specialized in an odd combination of funk workouts and soulish adaptations of folk-rock hits by the likes of James Taylor and the Doobie Brothers.
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the likes of somebody

(informal) people like somebody: She didn’t want to associate with the likes of me.
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References in classic literature ?
And this is the man the likes of us have called a pudd'nhead for more than twenty years.
These romantic scripts were never meant for the likes of us.
This type of bizarre behaviour is more readily associated with the likes of US president Donald Trump than the normally sensible SNP leader.
Of course they [Manchester City] have a different philosophy to the likes of us but the core principles are still there.
I wrote to the then Chief Constable Chris Sims in 2009, only to get a response from an inspector telling me that he was too busy to deal with the likes of us.
I don't just mean for your Everton or Tranmere, but for the likes of us, Bootle or Marine as well.
Meanwhile, Manila will host the Apec Summit next week, which will be attended by the likes of US President Barack Obama.
He returns to Wentworth alongside the likes of US Open champ Martin Kaymer.
14 ( ANI ): Winston Churchill beat the likes of US President Barack Obama, Frank Sinatra and Liberace to bag the title of the king of the witty put-down, a new survey has revealed.
The likes of us, Tottenham and Arsenal are fighting to sneak into the other place that's available.
WORLD- renowned stylist Naeem Khan, who has dressed the likes of US First Lady Michelle Obama, singer Beyonce and actress Penelope Cruz, showcased his collection for the first time in India at the Lakme Fashion Week 2013.
Well, more than a few, and more than just naughty lifestyle 25 fashion Sparkle, shimmer, shine 26 catwalk copies Runway designs are too spendy for the likes of us, but we still want the looks.
Their first tuner, "The Likes of Us," is not produced.
Facing rising borrowing costs as its AAA credit rating comes under threat, France appeared to plead for stronger action from the European Central Bank (ECB), adding to global pressure from the likes of US President Barack Obama.
Whether continental gardens are just rubbish or they don't want the likes of us strolling around in them, who knows.