the likes of (someone or something)

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the likes of (someone or something)

Anything comparable to someone or something. Typically used in a negative construction to indicate that something is unique or rare. Meteorologists think that blizzard was the storm of the century, so we shouldn't be seeing the likes of it again anytime soon. That acrobat show was incredible. I've never seen the likes of it.
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likes of someone or something

someone or something similar to that person or thing; the equal or equals of someone or something. I never want to see the likes of you again! We admired the splendid old ships, the likes of which will never be built again.
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likes of, the

Also, the like of one. An equivalent or very similar person or thing; an equal or match. For example, I've never seen the likes of this before, or We'll never see his like again. This expression today is almost always put in a negative context. [Mid-1500s]
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the likes of

a similar type of person or thing. informal
1989 Charles Shaar Murray Crosstown Traffic They specialized in an odd combination of funk workouts and soulish adaptations of folk-rock hits by the likes of James Taylor and the Doobie Brothers.
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the likes of somebody

(informal) people like somebody: She didn’t want to associate with the likes of me.
See also: like, of, somebody
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The new plan would be on the likes of one launched by AP government.
The main event has lost some of its lustre since the likes of One Man and See More Business were taking top honours, but this year's offering is nonetheless intriguing.
It is their second No1, after Where I Belong beat the likes of One Direction and Ed Sheeran to the top in December.
Beckham's son Brooklyn also made the top 10, ahead of the likes of One Direction star Zayn Malik, and Justin Bieber.
There are also performances from the likes of One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Clean Bandit, Calvin Harris and plenty more.
The band have been recording material with prolific songwriters who have penned the biggest tracks by the likes of One Direction, The Vamps and Five Seconds of Summer.
Mohammed Assaf has made it to the final 10 in the running to be named Worldwide Act at the 2014 MTV EMAs, meaning he's going up against the likes of One Direction.
Next Thursday will see Prince play at the SSE Hydro, then the likes of One Direction, Coldplay, Paolo Nutini, Kasabian and Lily Allen descend on Glasgow Green for the weekend.
It is understood the plans are for an office block of between 500,000 sq ft and a million sq ft, and come as investment in Birmingham's office sector soars, with the likes of One Snowhill, Victoria Square and Alpha Tower attracting bids.
When the British fashion model, who has dated the likes of One Direction's Harry Styles and English musician Jake Bugg, was asked to comment on her love life, she simply said that she is done with boys, the Mirror reported.
He's sculpted the likes of One Direction, Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine as part of Let the Ticket Live exhibition.
Barbara Walters gave a preview into her "10 Most Fascinating People" list on Monday which includes the likes of One Direction, E.
They'll be introducing performances from the likes of One Direction, Susan Boyle and Girls Aloud, and there's a chance to see a prequel to the Doctor Who Christmas special.
ANDY JOHNSON, the ownertrainer who handled the likes of One Yard, Bubbly Tojo, Hee Haws Barney and Bubbly Jason, is back in greyhound racing after a spell away from the sport.
Matt Lucas's (Dafydd's) one-liner has beaten famous sayings from the likes of One Foot In The Grave, Blackadder and Austin Powers.