likes of

the likes of (someone or something)

Anything comparable to someone or something. Typically used in a negative construction to indicate that something is unique or rare. Meteorologists think that blizzard was the storm of the century, so we shouldn't be seeing the likes of it again anytime soon. That acrobat show was incredible. I've never seen the likes of it.
See also: like, of

likes of someone or something

someone or something similar to that person or thing; the equal or equals of someone or something. I never want to see the likes of you again! We admired the splendid old ships, the likes of which will never be built again.
See also: like, of
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Ball of Crosby has delusions of grandeur regarding his home town in describing Bootle people as "the likes of them".
As a born, bread and buttered Bootle Buck I would like to point out that the vast majority of "the likes of us" in both our post codes (L30 &L20); couldn't give a flying fig to being associated with the "likes of " Mr Ball and it is we in Bootle who wish to leave Sefton.
Her Blue Note debut reveals her to be a gifted songwriter influenced by the likes of Janis Ian and Martha Wainwright.
And so he wrote (and here Feinstein sings): ``I like the likes of you.
Feinstein says he's been writing with the likes of Carole Bayer Sager, Melissa Manchester, and Marilyn and Alan Bergman.
The novel became a hot Hollywood property when it was published by Random House in 1992, drawing interest from the likes of Barbra Streisand, Jodie Foster, and Garth Brooks.
But from another angle, Rattenkonig's figural, representational aspect clarifies the obvious but unhappy kinship of Pop and Minimalism (unhappy, at least, for the likes of Donald Judd and Carl Andre; doubt that Andy would have cared).
Beesley, also a musician who backed up the likes of George Michael and George Benson, is at work on ``Dare,'' a British independent film.
Although he's done some actiony things before in the likes of "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," "Young Guns II" and "True Romance," Slater had never pulled stunts quite as alarming as getting dragged under a speeding train.
Once I realized I was safe, hanging off the side of that speeding train was such a rush," said the actress, who has recently appeared in the well-mannered likes of "Little Women," "How to Make an American Quilt" and "The American President.