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liken (someone or something) to (someone or something else)

To represent or describe someone or something as being very similar to someone or something else. People keep likening him to Ronald Reagan for his particular political positions. I was really able to visualize it better after my teacher likened the chemical reaction to a football play.
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liken someone or something to someone or something

to compare someone or something to someone or something, concentrating on the similarities. He is strange. I can only liken him to an eccentric millionaire. The poet likened James to a living statue of Mercury.
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Likens will continue to direct the Ontario, Calif.-based school through the end of the year.
So I wonder what he would say to my mother-in-law who nursed in Africa in the 1950s and 1960s and, on a recent visit to us in Almondbury, likened the sensation of driving up Sharp Lane to that of driving on the dirt roads in Africa 60 years ago.
Their children are Shawnaly Kuanduch of Junction City, Gretchen Berger of Sherwood and Greg Likens of LaPine.
In industrialized areas of the United States, nitric acid has become an increasingly significant component of acid raid, says Gene Likens, director of the Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York.
McCotter insists that anti-Catholic bias is prevalent in the U.S., as the Catholic Church remains a "rock of morality in a tide of moral relativism." He likens smears of Christians in the media to a kind of martyrdom for one's beliefs.
(Cucinella likens then to a cluster of transparent bamboo stalks.) While admitting daylight, the double skin also plays disarming optical tricks, fracturing and filtering views in and out.
One CEO likens this provision of Sarbanes-Oxley to the ring of the dinner bell for the trial lawyers.
US Ambassador Rose Likens told the press that the FMLN has "generated worry." The message from Liken, reminiscent of the Cold War, was, "That their holding up Cuba, China, or Vietnam as a model or speaking of an end to privatizations when there are US companies that have invested in developing key sectors of national life could endanger investment."
To be sure that they're thinking out of the proverbial box, they've established what Kill likens to a "skunk works," which they call "Innovation Works." "This helps us break through mental barriers," he says.
He was found on Sunday by his friend Terry Likens, captain of the fire department where Mr Ward is a volunteer emergency medical technician.
This authority will last for one year; the IRS likens this to a paperless Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization.
Interior Department, which has created more than 200 Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs), likens its detailed reports to modern arks.
likens the chemical dependency that goes with it to the ardent addiction of romantic desire.
The IRS position paper likens ISO certification to an initial entry into a new market or business.
The forward by Nikki Giovanni, poet and professor of English at Virginia Polytechnic, likens the African-American student's quest for higher education to that of a pioneer.