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liken (someone or something) to (someone or something else)

To represent or describe someone or something as being very similar to someone or something else. People keep likening him to Ronald Reagan for his particular political positions. I was really able to visualize it better after my teacher likened the chemical reaction to a football play.
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liken someone or something to someone or something

to compare someone or something to someone or something, concentrating on the similarities. He is strange. I can only liken him to an eccentric millionaire. The poet likened James to a living statue of Mercury.
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Asri said any Muslim who likens him or herself to God 'was indirectly debasing Him and denying His creation', adding that the act could be dangerous to the person's faith.
Liken planus (LP); sebebi bilinmeyen, siklikla mukozal tutulumla seyreden, tirnak distrofisi ve skatrisyel alopesi yapabilen, klinik ve histopatolojik olarak tipik, genelde kasintili papullerle seyreden inflamatuvar bir deri hastaligidir (1).
Oykusunde lezyonlarin bacaklarda basladigi ve iki hafta icinde kollarina ve govdesine yayildigi ve bulloz lezyonlarin liken planus lezyonlarindan yaklasik alti ay kadar sonra gelistigi ogrenildi.
The arrivals area of passport control (the visitor's first impression) can, at best, be likened to a cattle shed.
Likens, having served three years as ambassador, is on her way out.
Literaturde liken planuslu hastalarin psikolojik profilini cesitli depresyon ve anksiyete skalalari kullanarak degerlendiren calismalar mevcuttur (3-8).
The group heard the situation likened to Rwanda, to South Africa in its darkest hour and to a second holocaust.
Primer kutanoz amiloidozun, liken amiloidoz, makuler amiloidoz ve noduler amiloidoz olmak uzere uc tipi bulunur.
Then you liken black gay Republicans to those with an S/M fetish.
They are also linked, in other ways, with centuries-old works like the abstract and figural Nazca drawings in Peru, which must be seen from an aerial perspective--a vantage not available to the creators--to be fully appreciated, or modern-day crop circles, which have gathered a cult of followers who liken them to ancient sites and revel in the mystery of their authorship.
I tend to agree, though I'd liken it to a pustulous slug.
Researchers liken the phenomenon to people in a stadium doing the wave.
A small but uncertain percentage of people have trouble recognizing melodies or playing music, a condition some researchers call dysmusia or amusia and liken to the reading disability dyslexia (SN: 11/25/00, p.
One could liken the change from Stella's early to late work to Ludwig Wittgenstein's shift from the systematicness of the Tractatus Logicophilosophicus, 1921, to the openness of the Philosophical Investigations, 1953, but that would be to ignore the fact that for Wittgenstein every language game represents new possibilities, a new configuration of life, while Stella's visual language games reimagine death.