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in all likelihood

Very likely; in all probability. I don't think you need to worry about Mom being upset. In all likelihood, she's forgotten all about it.
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in all probability

Very likely; in all likelihood. I don't think you need to worry about Mom being upset. In all probability, she's forgotten all about it.
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in all probability

very likely; almost certainly. He'll be here on time in all probability. In all probability, they'll finish the work today.
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in all probability

Also, in all likelihood. Most likely, almost certainly. For example, In all probability we'll be home for Christmas. This expression was first recorded in 1617, the variant in 1664.
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in ˌall probaˈbility

(written) very probably: The changes were, in all probability, made before 1600.
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in all probability

Most probably; very likely.
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Bias: the bias of the maximum likelihood estimation is very important.
That doesn't happen when the issue is a question of law, Hargis argues, and, as noted above, some circuits characterize likelihood of confusion as a question of law.
Absence of any high likelihood signs and at least one of the following places the patient in the intermediate likelihood category: chest pain as the chief complaint, age greater than 70 years, male sex, diabetes mellitus, extra-cardiac vascular disease, fixed Q waves, or ST depressions between 0.
63 per cent likelihood of divorce, joined by other low-risk occupations such as nuclear engineers, who face a 7.
Descriptive statistics were used to define the characteristics of the sample population as well as the likelihood to use the EAP for each of the eight problem categories.
Using the developed software, it is convenient to compute the likelihood ratio for each of the loci and the overall likelihood ratio for the prosecution [H.
I have developed models for predicting the likelihood of goals being scored at different moments in a game, drawing on what has happened in Premiership and Football League fixtures in recent seasons.
When NAV is considered in determining value, Dunn provides support that BIG tax should be considered in full, not reduced by an estimate of the likelihood of liquidation.
The primary obstacle to likelihood estimation and statistical inference in mechanistic models is that they typically contain many parameters and are nonlinear or even non-identifiable.
The likelihood of a successful merger increases when the projected benefits are tangible and connected to the acquirer's core business.
The impact caused severe injury to her knees, requiring four separate knee surgeries and the likelihood of a total knee replacement in the future.
The researchers examined data on these women's risk factors for stillbirth, calculated rates of stillbirth and used multiple logistic regression to assess the relationships between maternal age and other characteristics and the likelihood of stillbirth.
Revenue agents have inquired whether they are still permitted to drive by a taxpayer's house or conduct a Lexis search to ascertain if the taxpayer purchased real estate during the year(s) at issue prior to having a reasonable indication that there is a likelihood of unreported income, in light of Sec.