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in all likelihood

Very likely; in all probability. I don't think you need to worry about Mom being upset. In all likelihood, she's forgotten all about it.
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in all probability

Very likely; in all likelihood. I don't think you need to worry about Mom being upset. In all probability, she's forgotten all about it.
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in all probability

very likely; almost certainly. He'll be here on time in all probability. In all probability, they'll finish the work today.
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in all probability

Also, in all likelihood. Most likely, almost certainly. For example, In all probability we'll be home for Christmas. This expression was first recorded in 1617, the variant in 1664.
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in ˌall probaˈbility

(written) very probably: The changes were, in all probability, made before 1600.
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in all probability

Most probably; very likely.
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The results of this study confirm the influence of social support on the likelihood to use EAPs, but they also indicate that the source of social support and problem type may be intricately connected in determining the likelihood to use an EAR For example, perceived social support from family members (rather than significant others or friends) was significantly related to likelihood to use the EAP for alcohol or financial problems, while perceived social support from significant others (rather than family or friends) was related to likelihood to use an EAP for career or physical health problems.
9 per cent likelihood of divorce, but if you have two daughters, the likelihood rises to 43.
Methods: Overall, 133 consecutive patients presented with symptoms or signs suggestive of UA, which was classified as of high or intermediate likelihood in Emergency Department (ED), and undergoing coronary angiography (CAG) within one week were enrolled into the study.
Single women and smokers had reduced odds of breast-feeding, and the likelihood of breast-feeding declined as maternal age increased.
For example, in the case of a Coordinated Industry Case (CIC) taxpayer that is continually under audit, it goes without saying that the IRS has a higher likelihood of discovering the transaction and the taxpayer a higher risk of litigation.
Figure 1 shows the maximum likelihood fit of the incidence data collected in a retrospective survey (16).
Further, the likelihood of liquidation was rather low.
Yet, with each 60 seconds that elapses, the likelihood of a goal being scored goes up by less than the likelihood that the first goal has already been scored.
Since West Nile is a disease that could be contracted in someone's back yard, Broad says that a number of factors are considered, including the person's usual exposure and whether their work increased the likelihood of coming into contact with West Nile.
When this is not the case, the likelihood of a successful transition can be improved through adjustments in the factors presented in Figure 1.
In addition, a strong likelihood exists that the total tax liability of A and B will be less than if PRS had allocated 50% of the $2,000 of COD income and 50% of the $4,000 book loss to each partner.
Table 5: Likelihood of offshoring to specific countries/region, US response
The ratings of the class A-1, A-2 and class B notes address the likelihood that investors will receive full and timely payments of interest, as per the governing documents, as well as the stated balance of principal by the legal final maturity date.
And compared with their counterparts who did not gain excess weight during pregnancy, women who did had an increased likelihood of a first cesarean delivery (1.
Preferred stock containing holder put rights is excluded from NQPS treatment under section 351(g)(2)(B) if the put rights are "subject to a contingency which, as of the issue date, makes remote the likelihood of the redemption or purchase.