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"The way he took his chance, it was like shelling peas. It was so natural to him."
The Sun quoted Fergie, as saying: "When he takes a chance it is like shelling peas to him.
MY WEEKPunting high It was like shelling peas on Sunday thanks to Open De l'Isle, Of Course and Catch Bob Punting low It was like mining for diamonds on Saturday as hefty bets on Binocular and Cappa Bleu meant that even Sunday's profits couldn't rescue the week The Denman debate He's undoubtedly back to his best and he beat Kauto Star by seven lengths in the Gold Cup when in such form in 2008 - let's hope the 9-4 is still available in March
While lying in the bath the other night, I was mulling over the "like shelling peas" expression (once you've scrubbed your pits and played with your rubber duck for a few minutes, there's not a lot left to do in a bath situation, is there?), and I came to the conclusion that it is an absurdity.
"Like shelling peas" is supposed to be a fancy way of saying "easy".
Shelling peas must be second only to shelling sand in the difficulty stakes, so why has the "like shelling peas" analogy been applied in the English language to simple tasks?
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