drowned rat, like a/wet as a

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(as) wet as a drowned rat

Soaking wet, especially due to heavy rain. You poor thing, you're wet as a drowned rat! The kids came in from the storm as wet as a bunch of drowned rats.
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like a drowned rat

Soaking wet (and usually dirty and unkempt as well). She came in from the storm looking like a drowned rat. The poor little guy stood shivering on the beach like a drowned rat.
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drowned rat, like a/wet as a

Thoroughly soaked and utterly bedraggled. Despite their frequent presence in sewers and similar wet places, rats do not like water, a fact observed for many centuries (“It rained by the bucket and they came home wet as drowned rats,” Petronius, Satyricon, ca. a.d. 60). See also soaked to the skin.
See also: drown, like, wet
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