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All at once a violent, rapid, incisive flash of lightning pierced the gloom, and the rent it made had not closed ere a frightful clap of thunder shook the celestial depths.
A second flash of lightning rent the darkness, and was followed by a score of others in quick succession.
Whilst they were standing together, there came a blinding flash of lightning, which lit up for several seconds the whole area of earth and sky.
As far as he could estimate by the interval between lightning and thunder- clap, the heart of the storm was still some distance off, so he felt no present concern for their safety.
In the face of this new disaster the rain seemed to have ceased and the thunder and lightning to be less severe.
The horse lay motionless (his neck was broken, poor brute!) and by the lightning flashes I saw the black bulk of the overturned dog cart and the silhouette of the wheel still spinning slowly.
[Sudden, repeated flashes of lightning; the nine flames leap lengthwise to thrice their previous height; Ahab, with the rest, closes his eyes, his right hand pressed hard upon them.] I own thy speechless, placeless power; said I not so?
'Your ears ought to be better than other folks' at any rate, if you make so little of the chance of being struck blind,' he said, retreating from the door and shading his eyes with his hands as the jagged lightning came again.
Pinocchio was greatly afraid of thunder and lightning, but the hunger he felt was far greater than his fear.
A second flash of lightning crossed the window; the roll of the thunder came nearer.
Beneath the lightning and the Moon The dead men gave a groan.
When the lightning cometh again -- there, look abroad."
As the thunder showed no signs of withdrawing, but seemed massed right overhead, while the lightning aimed straight at the garden every time, an uneasy gloom replaced the first excitement.
"Suppose we go and see the Lightning come in, it's just about time?" George said.
From Heaven and from Olympus he came forthwith, hurling his lightning: the bold flew thick and fast from his strong hand together with thunder and lightning, whirling an awesome flame.