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Summary: Muscat: Former Pakistan cricket star Shoaib Akhtar will be bowling his lightning fast deliveries in .
New York was the site of my first world record, the track is lightning fast and the fans, well, they sat through an entire thunderstorm in 2008 just to watch the 100m so I know they appreciate speed.
Now, MySQL users can get the best of both worlds -- transaction support with high concurrency for enterprise applications as well as our non-transactional architecture for lightning fast websites.
0 features a lightning fast boot-time defragmentation engine that thoroughly handles these files without slowing the boot-up process.
Lightning fast, it focuses on high kicks, hard punching, speed and agility.
This system allows us to test ideas and theories with lightning fast speed and it also gives us a way to validate the results of our proprietary engine.
Two lightning fast border collies and an equally talented mutt flew down the course, easily outdistancing their competing team.
Not only are these new systems lightning fast, but we've also made them affordable.
Now, anyone can easily repurpose digital media assets for multi-platform delivery with reusable workflows on their desktop, and quickly send multiple jobs to their server for lightning fast results.
By caching Hard Drive data using Samsung's flash SSD and the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, a typical user will see performance gains that will make working with their PC lightning fast," said Don Barnetson, Director, Flash Marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.
ReplayTV placed the highest priority on making PC Edition lightning fast, predictable and reliable in recording your family's shows and providing an experience that's unmatched in the industry.
VC2(TM) virtual call center software includes a predictive dialing engine built on a robust and mature pacing algorithm that guarantees highly accurate call progress detection and ensures rapid screen-pops and lightning fast voice connects to call center agents.
0 combination hard drive featuring lightning fast transfer speeds and capacities up to 500GB.