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grief divided is made lighter

proverb The pain of grief is lessened when one shares one's feelings with others. When my best friend died, I leaned on my family for support and found that grief divided really is made lighter.
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on a lighter note

Used as a means of segueing to some topic of discussion that is less serious or more positive. A: "Jean is still really sick, huh?" B: "Yeah, it's pretty bad. But on a lighter note, she really seems to enjoy bossing me around from her bed." OK, on a lighter note, let's talk comic book characters. Who are your favorites?
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A vessel is scheduled to leave the port after discharging cargoes in the usual period of 10 to 12 days, but it has to overstay for more than double the time for not getting lighters.
Mohd Shafizan later agreed with lawyer Haijan Omar, representing the two accused, that the place where the lighter was found and the colour was different from the suspect's statement during interrogation.
The doctors had been unable to remove the lighter from the man's body the first time, but were successful in the second surgery, which lasted only 10 minutes.
When he retired, the company couldn't find anyone else with the particular blend of imagination and skill to take over his job and no more Aquarium lighters were made.
Turner, 23, admitted the offence after being captured on camera throwing a lighter. It landed feet away from a player, who was not named in court.
While lighters are allowed on commercial flights, it is under certain regulations that they are permitted. Butane, disposable and Zippo-type lighters are all allowed in carry-on bags or directly on the person, however, cannot be ignited during the duration of the flight, according to Transportation Security Administration and Department of Transportation regulations. 
The new lighter will be capable of serving 1,130 personnel three meals per day.
Lighter Capital is a provider of revenue-based startup funding for tech companies from USD50,000 up to USD2.0 million in growth capital.
* What are the key success and risk factors in the cigarette lighter industry?
Blaisdell sold his first Zippo, the lighter's signature click continues to turn up in songs, just like its glinting steel case has flashed on the screen in over 1,500 movies and TV shows.
AFTER Elvis, John Wayne, Bob Marley and a host of other celebrities have left their mark on the metal frame of renowned Zippo lighters, it's now time for Indian couturier Rohit Bal's iconic lotus print to turn up the heat.
But down in Florida, Sunshine Lighter Company owner Sam Chebaro said parents should be responsible for keeping lighters '" and even matches '" away from children rather than the New York State Legislature.
Despite dropping its investigation back in December 2012 into the possible circumvention through Vietnam of EU measures against the exports of Chinese lighters, the European Union has decided to impose definitive anti-dumping (AD) duties on Vietnamese lighters of 0.065 per lighter.
With clocks going forward on Sunday, road safety charity Brake is again calling on the Government to make it 'Lighter Later' by putting the clocks forward by an hour year-round.
The French brand ST Dupont is synonymous with masculine luxury items and accessories, and one of its premier lines is its lighter.