light with

light (something) with (something)

1. To ignite or set fire to something with some incendiary means. If you prepare your fire properly with kindling and newspaper, you should be able to light it with a single match. The chain smoker lit a fresh cigarette with the end of his last one.
2. To use something in order to cover or fill some space with light. We had to light the entire house with candles after the electricity went out. Police lit the building with floodlights in order to see every single window.
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light something with something

1. to set something afire with something else. Kelly lit the fire with her last match. I will light the fire with a cigarette lighter.
2. to illuminate something using something. She lit the room with a few candles. We lit the Christmas tree with colored lights.
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'Good,' said the soldier; 'then in the first place help me out of this well.' The little man took him by the hand, and led him through an underground passage, but he did not forget to take the blue light with him.
'Go wheresoever they take you, and let them do what they will, only take the blue light with you.' Next day the soldier was tried, and though he had done nothing wicked, the judge condemned him to death.
This allowed the manufacturers to use a wider array of light beam spreads to make fields have a more uniform spread of light with less shadows.
The bright blue-green color that people see on swallowtail wings is the sum of this light with the light produced via fluorescence, Vukusic says.
Checking an LED light with a curing radiometer is not as important as it is with a halogen light if it is a corded unit.
Also, light with shorter wavelengths (more waves passing per second), like blue light, packs more energy than light with longer wavelengths--like red light.
IBM's researchers detected light with a wavelength of 1.5 micrometers, which the company says is particularly valuable because it is the wavelength widely used in optical communications.
When we use the term "appearance" we are referring to a complex of attributes determined by the interactions of light with a surface.
Rio consumers filed 1,086 complaints against Light with the state consumer affairs office last year, up from 105 in 1995 when the company still belonged to the state.
She also raised spiders without artificial light and fed them in both darkness and daylight so they would not associate light with food.
Ultimately, they hope to be able to direct and collect flows of atoms, which behave as waves, much as they control light with conventional optics.
To create the laser, the researchers sandwiched the PPV between two mirrors: a thin silver film and a layered material called a distributed Bragg reflector, which reflects visible light with almost 100 percent efficiency.
A single light with alternating arrows controls the traffic flow.
Crum, then at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, found a way to make a single bubble that alternately grew, then caved in, giving off a flash of light with each collapse.