light (up)on

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light (up)on

1. To land or rest upon something. The large black crow lighted on the telephone wire high above the street. As he walked into the room, his eyes lighted upon a gorgeous woman wearing a red dress.
2. To arrive at a thought or idea. The engineer lighted on a mathematical solution to the problem he'd been trying to solve all week.
3. To chance or happen upon; to discover by luck or chance. We'd been lost in the woods for hours. Thankfully, we eventually lit upon a small stream that led us to the lake next to the campground.
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light (up)on someone or something

1. Lit. to land on someone or something; to settle on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Three butterflies lit on the baby, causing her to shriek with delight. The bees lit on the clover blossom and pulled it to the ground. Her glance lit upon a dress in the store window.
2. Fig. to arrive at something by chance; to happen upon something. The committee lit upon a solution that pleased almost everyone. We just happened to light upon this idea as we were talking to each other.
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light on

Also, light upon. Happen upon, come across, discover. For example, John was delighted to light on a new solution to the problem, or We were following the path when suddenly we lit upon a cave. [Second half of 1400s]
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Using intuitive visuals and simple language, "The Wisdom of Chinese Characters" sheds light upon the culture and ideology of the Chinese people while also demonstrating that Chinese characters are not only inherently fascinating of themselves but also possess a certain degree of regularity in their structures and are surprisingly easy to learn.
Another application from OVD Kinegram, WO2014033318A2, discloses a variant security element which is not simply transmissive to light but actually 'comprises one or more light-emitting elements'; and 'said one or more light-emitting elements emitting light upon activation and being formed more particularly in each case by a self-luminous, electrically operated, display element'.
Though not all readers may agree with Schafly's severe criticism of feminists or the LGBT community, her writing does shine harsh light upon America's social ills.
and daughter of Destruction, your feet are light upon the waters.
Gershom Scholem's painful observation that the so-called "German-Jewish symbiosis" had been a mesalliance from the beginning holds true for sociology and politics; it throws light upon an asymmetry in the exchanges between the two sides that has been repeatedly denied.
We have run the coveted awards in conjunction with our sister paper The Journal for more than three decades, shining a light upon the luminaries within our region - the brightest, bravest and more inspiring company leaders.
Remaining chapters focus on the narratives themselves, selecting and commenting upon records that shed light upon a number of topics: slave perception of battles, acts of resistance and loyalty, involvement with either side's military, the day Union forces arrived, perceptions of the major figures in the war, and finally the unfolding of emancipation and what happened to freed slaves afterward.
Throwing light upon driving an consolidated approach that spans technology, domestication and innovation initiatives, GE Oil & Gas is also sponsoring the Young Adipec Program, held with the support of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, UAE Minister of Culture, Youth, and Community Development.
I was therefore saddened to see the state-ment of the West Midlands Commissioner Councillor Bob Jones, who has strongly criticised the Independent Police Complaints Commission over the role they have in bringing light upon a flawed investigation.
Live Witness aims to lift the curtain and shed light upon the mystery of the theatre, and it most definitely succeeds.
But Agustien could be hit again by the club after the news with Laudrup admitting he is weighing up whether he should take internal action, claiming the player brought bad light upon himself and the Swans.
Which casts an interesting light upon a nascent dispute at the Tyneside city's other university.
He will also throw light upon the effectiveness of the Mumbai Police force post these attacks and the tremendous work done by them in collating the proofs and witnesses against the attacks.