light into (someone or something)

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light into (someone or something)

To verbally or physically attack or accost someone. He's been lighting into the customer service representative for about half an hour now over our canceled flight. You can't just light into him anytime he doesn't do what we say—he's just a child! The actor lit into the film industry for allowing such abhorrent behavior to go unchecked.
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light into

To attack someone or something verbally or physically; assail someone or something: The two movie stars lit into the reporters for following them around.
See also: light

light into someone

See also: light, someone
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In effect, the signal is converted from a wave that travels at the speed of light into one that travels at the speed of sound in a semiconducting material, then back into a speed-of-light wave.
IAEA inspectors would periodically query each seal with a device that shines light into one end of a seal's cable and takes a Polaroid snapshot of the signature emitted by the other end.