lift the lid off (something)

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lift the lid off (something)

To expose something to the public, often something scandalous or deceptive. That company's stock price plummeted after the media lifted the lid off the CEO's embezzlement scandal.
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lift the lid off something


lift the lid on something

If you lift the lid off something or lift the lid on something that has been kept secret, especially something shocking, you do something to make it known. He lifts the lid off Crystal Palace football club with a number of startling revelations. Her book lifted the lid on the royal marriage.
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lift, blow, etc. the ˈlid off something

(informal) tell people unpleasant or shocking facts about something: The story in today’s paper really lifts the lid off the use of drugs in horse racing.
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With the draw looking likely, Arsenal's collapse in the north east lifted the atmosphere at the Lane and Kranjcar, for whom Spurs rejected a bid of pounds 8million from Werder Bremen in the transfer window, duly lifted the lid off the place.
The player lifted the lid off his bisexual past in a candid story of his life that makes him the firstever senior GAA star to publicly declare his homosexuality.
Seared is the adaptation of Kitchen Confidential, a best-selling memoir on former Les Halles chef Anthony Bourdain that "lifted the lid off the boiling cauldron of New York's culinary underbelly".
HIBS boss Alex McLeish last night lifted the lid off the screening process that has injected quality and industry to his title-chasing squad.
The collage of recollections has lifted the lid off mysteries like who was Annie, as in 'Annie are you O.K.' in 'Smooth Criminal' (Annie is the name of all CPR dummies) and why Jackson sang 'Shamon' on the 'Bad' title track (a tribute to blues singer Mavis Staples.)
PRINCE lifted the lid off the Dome last night, boasting "I've got more hits than Madonna's got kids".
Ford whetted the appetite with a motor show concept car last year, and has now lifted the lid off the Cougar, its Mondeo-based sports coupe which goes on sale in the UK this summer.
The explosion occurred on November 5, 2012 and killed Shajib Mian Shakur Miah, from Bangladesh, when he lifted the lid off a garbage container and removed an object near Awal Cinema.
London, August 28 ( ANI ): Former Spice Girl Mel C has finally lifted the lid off the catfights within the girl band, which was constantly dogged with rumours of infighting during its heydays.