lift your elbow

lift (one's) elbow

To drink alcohol, either in general or in excess. After a hard day's work, there's nothing I like to do more than lift my elbow a few times at my local bar. You are so useless around the house. The only thing you know how to do around here is lift your elbow.
See also: elbow, lift

lift your (or the) elbow

consume alcohol to excess.
See also: elbow, lift
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When drawing from the holster, lift your elbow rearward as high as you can without contorting your body.
Lift your elbow out of the water before pushing your hand up during recovery.
Then bend your arms at the elbows, lift your elbows out to the sides to shoulder height.
Lift your elbows and reach your fingertips toward the ceiling.
To release, lift your elbows back up toward your face.
Exhale and lift your elbows back and up to the ceiling.