lift the lid off (something)

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lift the lid off (something)

To expose something to the public, often something scandalous or deceptive. That company's stock price plummeted after the media lifted the lid off the CEO's embezzlement scandal.
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lift the lid off something


lift the lid on something

If you lift the lid off something or lift the lid on something that has been kept secret, especially something shocking, you do something to make it known. He lifts the lid off Crystal Palace football club with a number of startling revelations. Her book lifted the lid on the royal marriage.
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lift, blow, etc. the ˈlid off something

(informal) tell people unpleasant or shocking facts about something: The story in today’s paper really lifts the lid off the use of drugs in horse racing.
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However, the BBC Panorama programme is threatening to lift the lid off "bungs".
Intel Corp and its partners will today officially lift the lid off the first version of their NGIO (Next Generation Input/Output) specification.
And he has just written a bonkbuster novel which is expected to lift the lid off life at Westminster.
To check for a leaky toilet: Lift the lid off the tank.
This releases the vacuum that holds the lid in place, allowing the consumer to easily lift the lid off the container.
CHARLESGREENdidn't somuch lidoff CHARLES GREEN didn't so much lift the lid off Scottish football when he said bigotry drove the decision to send Rangers into the Third Division.
The scientists did manage to lift the lid off a coffin to reveal the skeleton of a local mayor.