lift a finger

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lift a finger

To help with something. Often used in the negative to indicate a lack of willingness to exert even the bare minimum of effort. I know you're watching TV, but can you perhaps lift a finger and help me bring in these grocery bags? I clean every weekend, and you never lift a finger to help!
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lift (or stir) a finger (or hand)

make the slightest effort to do something, especially to help someone.
1992 Daily Telegraph If the public does not care much for the interests of the press, it will not lift a finger to save a politician from sexual embarrassment.
See also: finger, lift

(not) lift a ˈfinger (to do something)

(informal) (not) make any effort at all to do something, especially to help somebody: He didn’t lift a finger to help me when I was in trouble.She does all the work in the house. Nobody else lifts a finger.
See also: finger, lift
References in classic literature ?
"Stay, thou villain!" roared he, "I am after thee straight, and if I do not carve thy brawn for thee this day, may I never lift finger again!" So saying, he dashed, splashing, to the bank.
It is to note that Kahil's car was parked in the same region, and forensic investigators have managed to examine the scene, lift finger prints, and check surveillance cameras to unveil the circumstances that have led to this ill-fated death.
Two specialised teams visited the embassy to lift finger prints from the spot.
To keep most of the food where you want it, place a fingerful or spoonful of solids in your baby's mouth and gently lift finger or spoon upward, allowing the upper lip to sweep the food off.