lift down

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lift someone or something down (from something)

to move someone or something down (from something or some place) by lifting and carrying. Would you please lift Jimmy down from the top bunk? Frank lifted down the heavy box.
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We have four wagons and we covered everything ourselves, apart from having to get a lift down to Ascot.
45pm and made my way in the lift down to the platfor m.
We went down below and boarded a lift down about a mile - to a scene of devastation.
They do not summon a lift down to you, or up to you -- if you expect this all you will get is a lit going in the wrong direction.
Preliminary investigations suggested that the baby fell through a gap in the lift down to the well leading to its death," the official said.
With its remote camera lift down, the streamlined shape can easily navigate relined 8-inch pipe.
We've even got wartime adverts for cigarettes in the lift down to the air-raid shelter, so we wouldn't have asked for there to be no cigar," Welsh said.
You can walk through the spiraling gardens to the very top for views over the whole area, then get the lift down - or do it the other way around if you're feeling lazy.
Saltburn-by-the-Sea Take the world's oldest water-powered cliff lift down to Saltburn beach to walk along its sandy shore.
Liam also offered us a lift down to Rathcoole's nocturnal delights where the An Poitin Stil and Baurnafea House figure large in village life.
Today we have a no-tolerance policy on manual lifting but, when there has been a problem, it is when staff have had to seek a mechanical lift down the hall or tried to gain nearly impossible access to the bathroom with this equipment.
The comments of a mere handful in the lift down from the Sky Tower said it all.
I would take a holiday at home or abroad where I could walk up a mountain and take the lift down.
There is also a virtual descent by lift down a mine, followed by a memorable adventure.