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chance of a lifetime

An extremely important and/or fortuitous opportunity, especially one that is not likely to ever present itself again. Often (but not always) used hyperbolically. They offered me the chance of a lifetime to travel the world and write about my experiences abroad. Make sure you take advantage of our sale, it's a chance of a lifetime!
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a legend in (one's) own lifetime

A person who has an extraordinary level of fame or reputation while they are still alive. The singer has made such a huge impact on the world of blues that she's come to be a legend in her own lifetime.
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Why break the habit of a lifetime?

A rhetorical question expressing doubt that someone will change their bad habit. Typically said after that person has announced their intention to stop such a habit. A: "That's it. That's my last cigarette." B: "Why break the habit of a lifetime?"
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once in a lifetime

Describing something, such as an opportunity, experience, or situation, that seems unlikely to happen again. You have to take this job in the Zurich office—it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in Switzerland.
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of a lifetime

Used to describe something extremely important, enjoyable, or exceptional, especially that which isn't likely to occur again. They offered me the chance of a lifetime to travel the world and write about my experiences abroad. That tour around Europe really was the trip of a lifetime!
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once-in-a-lifetime chance

 and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
a chance that will never occur again in one's lifetime. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Don't miss it. She offered me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I turned it down.
See also: chance

once in a lifetime

Extremely rare, especially as an opportunity. For example, An offer like that will come just once in a lifetime. This phrase, often used hyperbolically, was first recorded in 1854. Also see of one's life.
See also: lifetime, once

a legend in their own lifetime

a very famous or notorious person.
See also: legend, lifetime, own

of a lifetime

(of a chance or experience) such as does not occur more than once in a person's life; exceptional.
See also: lifetime, of

the chance, etc. of a ˈlifetime

a wonderful opportunity, etc. that you are not likely to get again: This is your chance to win the trip of a lifetime!
See also: lifetime, of
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Lifetime expects the transaction to be meaningfully accretive in the first full year after close.
As an example of how knowledge of lifetime estimated risk might serve as extra motivation for risk factor modification, Dr.
I'm single, I still like rock stars, and any man is good for me,'' Heather Locklear, who will star in the Lifetime movie ``Angels Fall,'' noted during the TV critics press tour.
For example, a 25-year-old veteran rated 20 percent disabled who now gets $218 a month in compensation would receive $65,127 over his lifetime.
Nationwide Life Legacy Provider UL Lifetime 5,653 12,229
Giblen's report also notes that Lifetime gains new channels of distribution.
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A wide range of experimental configurations has been explored to both measure the lifetime of UCN in our magnetic trap and to understand the observed shift in the measured trap lifetime due to systematic effects.
com and Yamaha are among Lifetime TV's new neighbors in the building.
The broad range of stochastic prices is the consequence of the broad range of likely lifetimes and the fact that the present value of cash flows decreases rapidly as lifetime until death increases.
As a result, the deemed-allocation rules (which automatically allocate a transferor's GST exemption to direct skips and lifetime indirect-skip transfers) apply to split gift transfers as well.
Significant research has been performed to determine the lifetime and archival stability of magnetic media.
In addition, male students' lifetime number of partners rose steadily, from 3.
Lifetime employment is a myth and no more reflective of reality as a result of continued repetition these last four decades.
While initial interest was caused by Peter Martin's previous work with Lifetime and Jets to Brazil, the content of the CD itself soon became what all of the talk was about.