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Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League-N, leaders had promoted luxurious life style among the members of their parties during their tenures, he stated talking to a private news channel programe.
They said that fatness, smoking, lack of exercise and unhealthy life style are the main reasons of diabetes.
He is now more than ready to move to a forever home where he is still young enough to adapt to any life style.
Munir Ahmed said the increase in temperature has drastically changed the life style of the residents.
Healthy life style was defined as individual's controlling the whole behaviors influencing his/her health and selecting the behaviors in conformed with the status of his/her health to regular daily activities (Tripp and Stachowiak, 1992; Walker, Sechrist and Pender, 1987).
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Owing to the change in the life style and increased consumption of sour fruit juices and carbonated drinks, there has been until recently a special concentration by authors on the tooth surface loss in children and adolescence5 and most of these studies addressed the erosion part in particular.3,4.6,7,8
Such a situation which is due to the evolution of values system, the increase of public information, the growth of civil demands, the promotion of women's education, and the change of economic-social structures during the recent decades has caused a change in their life style (Fazeli, 2003: 8).
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Salami explained that the western life style weakens family foundations and makes children lazy and lacking in any interest in the care of their parents.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami warned that the West has hatched long-term schemes to Americanize the life style and beliefs of non-American nations.
Whilst speaking on what health and fitness means to him, Singh said that fitness for him is a life style.
He further said that Abdul Wali Khan University has also published a book about the personality and life style of Gaju Khan Baba.