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in lieu of (something)

Instead of something; in place of something. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the scholarship fund.
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in lieu of something

Fig. in place of something; instead of something. (The word lieu occurs only in this phrase.) They gave me roast beef in lieu of ham. We gave money to charity in lieu of sending flowers to the funeral.
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instead of

Also, in lieu of; in place of; in someone's stead. In substitution for, rather than. For example, She wore a dress instead of slacks, or They had a soprano in lieu of a tenor, or In place of soft drinks they served fruit juice, or The chairman spoke in her stead. Instead of dates from about 1200; in lieu of, which borrows lieu, meaning "place," from French, dates from the late 1200s; in place of dates from the 1500s; and in someone's stead from the 1200s. Also see under in someone's shoes.
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see under instead of.

in lieu (of something)

(formal) instead of: They took cash in lieu of the prize they had won.We work on Saturdays and have a day off in lieu during the week.
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in lieu of

In place of; instead of.
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Lieu said since he has been a congressman, three of the worst mass shootings in United States history have occurred.
Wilkes, SC, USN, (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award), Commanding Officer, Naval Operations Support Center, White River Junction, Vermont, June 2015 to July 2017.
14: au lieu de << Finalement les enjeux de sante mentale chez les aines gais et lesbiennes vous sont presentes par Marie Geoffroy et Line Chamberland.
A deed in lieu of foreclosure is a transfer of title in real property from the property owner to the lender, in order to avoid foreclosure or to cease the process.
La Semoule : 480 millimes le kg au lieu de 450 millimes
The final chapter, meanwhile, compares how popular religion, and Lieu Hanh's cult in particular, has fared over the past century or so under imperial, colonial and Communist rule.
replica of the authentic thing, in lieu of flowers.
My concern is that it is becoming more common for staff to be asked to do overtime and to take time in lieu instead of payment.
02: At the employer's discretion, an employee on education leave without pay may receive an allowance in lieu of salary of up to 100 per cent.
I first selected In Lieu of Heaven because I mistakenly thought it was going to be a scholarly approach to biblical deconstruction; I didn't realize I had ordered a novel.
payments in lieu of dividends) for positions in substantially similar or related property.
Macey comptait parmi les 165 personnes qui ant assiste au sommet qui a eu lieu le 6 juin 2002.
N'est-il pas ainsi de plus en plus question, par exemple, de lieu de memoire (Nora 1997a, 1997b, 1997c), de lieu exemplaire (Micoud 1991) ou de lieu du coeur (Bonnemaison 1996) ; de lieu parlant ou de lieu dormant (Nota 1997a) ; de haut-lieu ou de bas-lieu (Corajoud 1990 ; La Soudiere 1991 ; Poche 1990, 1995) ; d'entre-lieu (Turgeon 1998a, 1998b) et de non-lieu (Auge 1992, 1994) ; voire de lieu attribut, de lieu generique ou de lieu de condensation (Debarbieux 1992, 1993, 1995) ?
A depositary bank may agree with a paying or returning bank to accept an image or other notice in lieu of a returned check even when the check is available for return under this part.