lie alongside (someone or something)

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lie alongside (someone or something)

To rest or recline horizontally next to someone or something. There wasn't anywhere else for me to sleep, so I had to lie alongside my friend in the spare bed. I just lay alongside my poor old dog stroking his face as the vet put him to sleep.
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lay something alongside (of something)

to place something next to something else, lengthwise. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please lay the spoon alongside the knife. Find the knife and lay the spoon alongside.
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lay alongside something

[for a ship] to rest afloat next to something. The ship lay alongside a lovely island while a shore party searched for fresh water. Our ship lay alongside the narrow wooden pier.
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lie alongside (of someone or an animal)

to lie next to someone or an animal. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Jimmy came in to lie alongside of his father in bed. The puppy lay alongside its mother.
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Former girlfriend Kylie Minogue headlined Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park yesterday (bless the presenter who asked if they'd ever "collaborated"), ex-fiancee Nicole Kidman stars in Big Little Lies alongside his daughter, Zoe, and he recently hung out at an awards do with rumoured old flame Madonna - but less of the "old", thanks.
Ten minutes from Alperton Underground station and five minutes fromStonebridge,there are plans to build new homes at the water's edge where the site lies alongside the Grand Union Canal.
With the Netflix app integrated into Sky Q, and Netflix programmes promoted alongside Sky content, customers can enjoy shows such as Britannia, Billions and Big Little Lies alongside The Crown, Stranger Things and Black Mirror, as well as free-to-air TV, all on the Sky platform.
The 1070 Apartments district is located on the southwestern outskirts of Aleppo and lies alongside the government's corridor into the parts of the city that it controls.
"We try to create an inclusive extracurricular sports programme that lies alongside students' academic studies, giving them a wide range of options before during and after school, so that students can opt into their sessions accordingly."
Apart from severely damaging the views south from long sections of the Pumlumon ridge their proposed development site also lies alongside the infant Wye, a river often linked to the C18th Picturesque Movement.
Colusa, which lies alongside the Sacramento River is called the Stuttgart of the West, only here you can shoot seven mallards, not four like in Arkansas.
He lies alongside Webster at -5 for the tournament and will also figure this weekend.
This problem lies alongside the dog fouling situation in Kensington, which also needs addressing.
Birkhall, which lies alongside the River Muick to the south-west of Ballater, boasts some of the best fly fishing in Scotland.
"But in terms of resources and finance it lies alongside anything Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho has done, in reality."
His body lies alongside that of his close friend Admiral Nelson in St Paul's Cathedral.
The island lies alongside Jebel Dhanna in Al Gharbia, a 250 kilometre drive from Abu Dhabi city.
The firm, which employs about 320 at the Aycliffe site and many more worldwide, lies alongside IT giants Microsoft and Google in the list of the 50 best places to work, published by the Financial Times.