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the path of least resistance

The easiest or least stressful course, path, or method. My dad was always a bit timid, so he usually chose the path of least resistance when it came to dealing with other people. The company is eager to find the path of least resistance for getting the product approved for the market.
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the line of least resistance

The thing, option, or course of action that is easiest to do; that which avoids confrontation, difficulty, awkwardness, or tension. Let's not try to innovate this time—just take the line of least resistance so we can get the job done on time. You're never going to be respected by your boss if you choose the line of least resistance every time he asks you to do something you don't want to do.
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the line (or path) of least resistance

an option which avoids difficulty or unpleasantness; the easiest course of action.
See also: least, line, of, resistance

(choose, follow, take, etc.) the line of least reˈsistance

(to choose, etc.) the easiest way of doing something: You’ll never get anywhere in life if you always take the line of least resistance.
See also: least, line, of, resistance
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Investing in Secondary Market Tax liens could result in amazing profits from redemption, selling the house as is, selling the house for more after a fix-and-flip, and more.
Intercreditor agreements between first and second lien holders are often fiercely negotiated because the stakes are high, both parties are usually sophisticated lenders with knowledgeable counsel, and the fundamental economic interests of the lenders are diametrically opposed.
A A potential lien holder must provide notice to the property owner (and to the general contractor, if the potential lien holder is a subcontractor) of the right to claim a lien.
In principle, mechanics' lien laws are the same in all states, but the specifics vary from state to state--for example, the time and place for filing mechanics' liens and whether owners must retain a portion of funds otherwise payable to general contractors for the benefit of mechanics' lien claimants.
Purchasers of liens through bulk sales typically have been mortgage market firms that demand high rates of return on lien portfolios.
Because technology solutions are becoming less expensive and more sophisticated, more servicers are moving lien release processing functions in-house from offshore.
A preserved lien has to be perfected, again with a 45-day limit.
Recorded construction loan mortgages--even with the requisite Lien Law [section] 13 covenants for mortgages stating they are subject to the trust fund provisions of the Lien Law--do not provide adequate notice.
6320(a), the Service has to provide the taxpayer with written notice of the lien filing within five business days of the filing.
Rinnert will appear in small-claims court today to contest the remaining lien and demand that the county restore his damaged credit rating.
The Bank of Nebraska loaned Gordon's Towing $40,000; the bank, as a result, held a first lien on two of Gordon's trucks, together worth about $40,000.
A mechanics lien serves as a powerful tool for contractors, subcontractors and materials suppliers to secure payment for their work, labor or supplies.
One of the surest, but rarely used means by which a real estate broker can enforce its right to a commission is by filing a broker's lien.