lie within

lie within something

to remain within a defined area or domain. The boundaries of the village lie completely within the river valley. The cost you cited lies within the range I was considering.
See also: lie, within
References in classic literature ?
They bade good-bye to the people of Ev, and the King promised Ozma that he would ever be grateful to her and render the Land of Oz any service that might lie within his power.
They form a triangle, and lie within the parallels of
Astronomers have found 20 previously unknown star systems that lie within 33 light-years of Earth.
The works in this show, which suggest antecedents ranging from sixteenth-century Japanese potters to Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, and Sol LeWitt, also invoke an important truth: One may emerge "Phoenix"-like from the fire at any age, with work that not only looks good on the surface but has something compelling to say about the secrets that lie within.
Each of the stories has a "Revision Point" that explains how the past actually unfolded, so that readers can get an idea of where the changes lie within the story.
The original defect was modified with local tissue transfers, including a left cheek advancement flap, to create a defect that would lie within the boundaries of the nasal bridge aesthetic subunit (figure 2).
Both the 14th and the 15th Stations lie within the tomb of Jesus, the Holy Sepulchre--the place of His burial and of His resurrection, respectively.
The 125 acres lie within the city's San Fernando Road Redevelopment Corridor, which includes DreamWorks' animation campus and Disney's future KABC-TV (Channel 7) studios.
CIM Group directs its efforts towards districts of high population density, including the downtown areas within large cities, smaller "main street" districts within towns and suburban cities, and other locations which lie within the metropolitan areas of the country.
Scanning the sky for high-energy X rays, NASA's Swift satellite has completed the first comprehensive census of active supermassive black holes that lie within 400 million light-years of Earth.
The Dismal Lake claims lie within the Hornby Bay Basin, a Proterozoic suite of sandstone rocks which holds potential for discovery of uranium unconformity deposits.
According to this scenario, the newly discovered planet--as well as the 30 or so other Jupiter-mass bodies that lie within roasting distance of their stars--probably formed much farther out, in an icy part of the disk where it's relatively easy for a large planetary core to form.
Varying levels of gold production occurred at a number of small underground mines that lie within the Dun Glen Project area between 1862-1880, throughout the early 20th century, and the 1930's.
4 cm lie within the disk that surrounds TW Hydrae, Wilner and his colleagues report in the June 20 Astrophhisical JournaI Letters.
Farallon and Astana lie within a large 10 kilometre by 4.