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lay to

1. nautical To turn a ship into the wind so as to stop forward motion. We need to lay to with those nasty storm clouds on the horizon! After two days of laying to without a single whale sighting, the captain decided it was time to move on.
2. dated To set about some task or action promptly or enthusiastically. Lay to, everyone—we have to get this finished before the storm hits us! The hungry child laid to as soon as the food was placed before him.
3. To blame or credit someone or something for something. A noun or pronoun is used between "lay" and "to." He has always lain his success to the teachings of his former mentor. We can't just lay our current predicament on the last boss's failures.
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lie to

1. To tell someone an untruth or falsehood. Don't lie to me—was it you who took the money? He's been lying to his employees for months about the state of the company.
2. Of a sailing vessel, to remain stationary while facing the wind. Make sure the ship lies to during the storm so as not to capsize.
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lie to (one)

To tell one an untruth or falsehood. Don't lie to me—was it you who took the money? He's been lying to his employees for months about the state of the company.
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lay something to something

to attribute something to something. I lay all our problems to the inadequacy of our training. Mary laid her success to a good upbringing.
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lay to

to begin doing something, such as fighting or eating. All right, you guys. Lay to. The stuff will get cold if you don't eat it. Lay to! Let's get on with it.
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lie to someone (about someone or something)

to tell an untruth about someone or something to someone. You wouldn't lie to me about Sarah, would you? I'm not lying to you!
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To say "Don't ever lie to me!" or "If you lie to me, I'm never going to trust you again!!" doesn't really make sense in response to one of these pragmatic, developmental lies.
For example, 61% maintain it is okay for a man to lie to her about how she looks; 48%, his attraction to other women; and 39%, her performance in bed.
Hence, if a president believes a lie to be necessary to maintain or improve his political fortunes, the lie is told.
Clearly, the individuals involved in deciding to lie to the press made a choice to present false information because of a belief that the use of deception prevented a greater evil than the lie (i.e., narcotics suppliers being apprehended).
We may lie to spare an individual potential harm; to foster a situation that would bring about a greater good; or to nurture a self-serving goal (though not malicious).
And if your child hears you lie to someone else, he'll get the idea that lying is okay.
The poll was carried out by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to mark the launch of something called Lie to Me Season 1 on DVD, and it reported that men tell an average of six lies a day to their partner, boss or work colleagues.
Among the survey's most alarming findings was the fact 49% of women said they would lie to their partners in a bid to save the relationship - including if they became pregnant by another man.
Iago states, "He holds me well; the better shall my purpose work on him," which is Shakespearese for "My boss trusts me, so I can lie to him and he'll believe what I say."
The question about whether your child lying to you is good, needs to be rephrased to ask why your child feels they need to lie to you.