lie to

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lie to (one)

To tell one an untruth or falsehood. Don't lie to me—was it you who took the money? He's been lying to his employees for months about the state of the company.
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lie to someone (about someone or something)

to tell an untruth about someone or something to someone. You wouldn't lie to me about Sarah, would you? I'm not lying to you!
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In a relative sense, our results in terms of a lack of gender difference differ from those in studies on tolerance of lying behavior, telling a lie to parents (Jensen et al.
In these experiments, they still took longer to lie than tell the truth, but the difference was greater when they had to decide which lie to tell.
Adolescents lie to provide space, time, and to cover for friends or themselves, often as a way to gain or protect their privacy.
The more a leader lies to his people, the more he must lie to his people," Alterman writes.
It was certainly not his first lie to justify the Administration's Iraq adventure, but it is impressive for its brazenness.
2) Making the decision to lie to the media involves many complex issues, including some important ethical concerns.
And half admitted they still lie to get out of sex, says the research commissioned by That's Life magazine.