lie behind

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lie behind (someone or something)

1. To be positioned behind someone or something. The gym lies behind the school.
2. To be in the past. Don't be concerned about what lies behind you, only what lies ahead. Everything that lies behind us is what makes us who we are—the good and the bad.
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lie behind someone or something

1. [for something] to be positioned to the rear of someone or something. A wide expanse of water lay behind the sentry, and a narrow roadway lay in front. A vast field lies behind the house.
2. [for something] to be in someone's or a group's past. Now that all of our difficulties lie behind us, we can get on with our business. The busy season lay behind the company and people could take their vacations.
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What horrific stories lie behind their broken lives?
Kallivayalil and her collaborators accurately discerned that motion by comparing the changing positions of the two galaxies over a 4-year interval with the location of distant quasars that lie behind the clouds and provide fixed points of reference.
And porphyria - an iron deficiency thought to lie behind the blood-drinking legend - once ran in the Royal Family.
The qualities of good, truth, and beauty that define the United States of America and that today lie behind our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, aria coastguardsmen are the same that have lain behind them in every conflict we have faced and every crisis to which we have responded.
But, on the other hand, given the ideologies that lie behind some versions of evolutionism, it makes some fundamental points clear which must be respected:
Kessler's sculptures not only embody the supposedly disembodied video stream by juxtaposing it with the gimcrack devices that lie behind its production but also imagine representation as a carnal act--an instance of touch, and possibly even of rape.
Endemic corruption is one factor behind the exodus; whilst the warmth, generosity and hospitality of the Romanian people lie behind the enjoyment of those who go there.
This frank statement is indicative of the openness with which Guy-Bray acknowledges the personal and political values that lie behind his interest in the subject of his study, one concerned "not solely [.
But McCormack's testimony exposes the lie behind the judicial panel's ruling, as well as the dishonest logic of the American Civil Liberties Union, which pushed for the election delay.
Indeed in response to the building's primary purpose--to unite four distinct and highly image conscious companies, each with its own distinct brand--significant design diplomacy was needed when considering the environment on each floor, not to mention the significant structural improvements and complex services co-ordination that lie behind the new skins.
Mr Brown, whose constituency includes Lockerbie, said: "It is clear that Al Megrahi did not act alone and like so many terrorist activities, it has to be recognised that governments often lie behind the acts perpetrated.
Here Dowie captures the lie behind the now-standard pledges by newly appointed presidents of grant-making foundations that theirs will be an era of "venture philanthropy.
UPFRONT looks at three key points of debate, and the passions that lie behind them:
From a series of such questions, a picture emerges of the different cultural assumptions which lie behind the approach of business managers in the various countries.