lie alongside

lie alongside (someone or something)

To rest or recline horizontally next to someone or something. There wasn't anywhere else for me to sleep, so I had to lie alongside my friend in the spare bed. I just lay alongside my poor old dog stroking his face as the vet put him to sleep.
See also: alongside, lie

lie alongside (of someone or an animal)

to lie next to someone or an animal. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Jimmy came in to lie alongside of his father in bed. The puppy lay alongside its mother.
See also: alongside, lie
References in classic literature ?
asked Father Brown, as the girl in the canoe paddled off, without showing the least intention of extending her interest from the tower to the yacht, which Fanshaw had already caused to lie alongside the island.
A design and access statement submitted with the university's plans states: 'A line of significant mature oak trees lie alongside the road which passes the proposed new public transport hub; this line of trees marks the line of the 'New Road' formed in the 1760s by Robert Haldane.
BLOWING BUBBLES The floating structure would lie alongside Westminster WHALE OF A TIME MPs would have unique views of the refurb
Beard is working with Alec French Architects on the new two-storey building which will lie alongside Brunels historic ship SS Great Britain, one of Britains top-rated museums.
The development sites lie alongside an area of wetland known as Pen y Bont Wildlife Site, which is protected and believed to be a habitat for water vole.
Other voices suggest Chavez's body be taken to his hometown Sabaneta to fulfill his wish to lie alongside his grandmother.
Pearls of wisdom lie alongside opinions of complete and utter absurdity (though who is to say which is which)?
Rev McCollum confirmed the two men will lie alongside each other in a funeral home before separate services and burials as Mr Rothwell was a member of the Church of Ireland and Jordan was Catholic.
Scotland suffered a 24-6 reverse to a Wales side winless in their previous eight Tests on Saturday, following on from a 34-21 defeat in France seven days earlier, to lie alongside Italy at the foot of the tournament standings.
Scotland suffered a 24-6 reverse to lie alongside Italy at the foot of the tournament standings.
Anguish: Flowers lie at scene of the murder Poignant: Hugh and Beatrice's roses lie alongside other floral tributes at spot where Moira died Close family: Moira's parents are supporting each other after her brutal death
Some of those breads lie alongside the dishes we sample and are an ideal foil for the full-on flavours.
The Mancunians lie alongside newcomers Blyth Spartans at the head of the table with just goal difference dividing the pair and after four wins from six outings go to the Knitters looking to consolidate their lofty perch.
A bogey at the second dropped Singh back to two under and he had to wait a further five holes to lie alongside his arch rival.
One of them, though paralyzed, shouts that he wants to leave, refusing to lie alongside his enemy.