lie ahead of

lie ahead of (someone or something)

1. To be physically located in front or ahead of someone or something. As we trudged through the desert, it looked as though a magnificent oasis lay ahead of us, but it was just a mirage, some accursed trick of the sun. The mountains lie ahead of a vast prairieland.
2. To be or exist in the future of someone or something. One should never presume to know what may lie ahead of them.
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lie ahead of someone or something

 and lie before someone or something 
1. to exist in front of someone or something. A small cottage lay ahead of us near the trail. A huge mansion lay before the car at the end of the road.
2. to be fixed in the future of someone or something. I just don't know what lies ahead of me. We don't know what lies before our country.
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If we get them right, Brexit will be the beginning of a bright new chapter in our national story, and our best days really do lie ahead of us" - The Prime Minister.
"A Slam is in sight but at the same time Scotland lie ahead of us.
Once more, as we enter a new year, I feel I can look back on a successful year and forward to the challenges which lie ahead of us in the social housing sector, not just in the coming 12 months, but during the next four years.
The annual Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) College Industry Conference, held November 13-15 in Chicago, gave 106 students from FEF's 32 colleges the opportunity to see what could lie ahead of them if they choose a career in the metalcasting industry.
"I want us to leave Dubai totally geared up for the challenges that lie ahead of us and the biggest of those is the championship.