lick (one's) lips

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lick (one's) lips

To be eager and/or show signs of excitement before or during doing something that one enjoys or that is or will be beneficial to one. A reference to literally licking one's lips in anticipation of eating something delicious. All of the scouts are really licking their lips to get Jones on their roster. You should have seen John at the car show—he was practically licking his lips.
See also: lick, lip

lick one's lips

Fig. to show eagerness or pleasure about a future event. (From the habit of people licking their lips when they are about to enjoy eating something.) The children licked their lips at the sight of the cake. The author's readers were licking their lips in anticipation of her new novel.
See also: lick, lip

lick (or smack) your lips (or chops)

look forward to something with eager anticipation.
1997 Guardian Headhunting agencies licked their chops at the prospect of the fat placement fees.
See also: lick, lip
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Jamall licks his lips, smirks, switches the CD to R.
BONEDIGGER the lion licks his lips as a tiny sausage dog edges to within chomping range of his huge teeth.
Jiro, a three-year-old male miniature Schnauzer licks his lips after having his dinner served by Internet dog feeder iSeePet at his home in Tokyo.
IRISH Olympic hero Michael Carruth licks his lips at the prospect of the biggest fight of his life.