lick (one's) lips

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lick (one's) lips

1. To anticipate eating (something) with great eagerness or appetite. I was licking my lips when the waiter set the juicy steak down in front of me.
2. To show one's impatience or excitement to do something. You should have seen John at the car show. He was licking his lips looking at all those fancy sports cars. My detractors were practically licking their lips when they heard that my proposal had failed.
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lick one's lips

Fig. to show eagerness or pleasure about a future event. (From the habit of people licking their lips when they are about to enjoy eating something.) The children licked their lips at the sight of the cake. The author's readers were licking their lips in anticipation of her new novel.
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lick (or smack) your lips (or chops)

look forward to something with eager anticipation.
1997 Guardian Headhunting agencies licked their chops at the prospect of the fat placement fees.
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References in classic literature ?
Krook therefore drives her out before him, and she goes furtively downstairs, winding her lithe tail and licking her lips.
Her head was held high in the air and she started licking her lips, then a few pushes and there was the head of kid - a baby goat - emerging.
But Keira Knightley wasn't licking her lips for the freebies - she was locking lips with Klaxons rocker hubby James Righton as they made the most of an evening off from their month-old daughter.
She explained that when they met, she started being flirty with her eyes, licking her lips and putting out sexy poses, but felt as if there was nothing coming back.
Top marks from a six-year-old, licking her lips (''except for the orange bits'').
On another, a woman was challenged to eat a powdered donut without licking her lips; the whole studio audience watched, rapt, as she ate and, alas, licked.
The family only discovered what had happened when Delilah strolled into the kitchen licking her lips.
PINK lady Joss Stone was licking her lips at the prospect of a hot date with a backing singer at the bash.
Posh liked this one and attacked it with gusto, leaving just a little and licking her lips afterwards.