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and ass-licker
n. a flatterer; an apple polisher; someone who would do absolutely anything to please someone. (Rude and derogatory.) Sally is such an ass-kisser. The teacher must have figured her out by now. The rest of the guys thought he was an ass-licker for what he told the boss.




n. someone who performs oral sex on the penis, usually a homosexual male. (Rude and derogatory.) One of the dicky-lickers started staring at me.


n. a tongue. (Streets.) Yeouchh! I bit my licker.
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Particular specialist lines include the Double Licker and Rocket lollies.
Steve, who is about to enter the record books with the world's longest licker at 3.
The look and feel of the event resembles a live conference, but the way to interact mirrors online social networking," said Karen Licker, Managing Director of Business Development and Marketing at Bankerstuff.
For Jason Johnson's debut novel Wound Licker has got right under the skin of well-known Northern crusading Free Presbyterian minister the Rev David McIlveen.
He said his licker had always been a source of amusement and he now aimed to profit from it by advertising sweets.
Karen Licker, Managing Director and co-founder of Bankerstuff, said, "With consumer confidence down, banks need to search for innovative ways to get new customers in the door and enhance their existing customer relationships.
Not only does he have Britain's longest licker at 9.
The 30-minute show, presented by boxing commentator Harry Carpenter, will tell the story of the Leamington Licker who shocked the boxing world when he beat Sugar Ray Robinson in 1951 to take the world middleweight title.
Tawnya has a passion that inspires others and the project management skills to build teams to answer questions," says Jonathan Licker, PhD, principal scientist, Frito-Lay R&D.
Jason Licker (Pastry '99): Licker won Iron Chef Thailand in 2014 and is now Executive Pastry Chef at Ku De Ta in Bangkok.
The report contained complaints claiming that the Brain Licker brand had caused burns, blisters and bleeding to the mouths of children eating them.
Sites across Leamington and Warwick were investigated as possible sites for the bronze statue of the Leamington Licker.
Putting their tongues to the test, 30 contestants attempted to 'lick' the competition in front of a judges' panel in the hopes of achieving "The Lengthiest Lick," (measured for length) "The Most Imaginative Lick," (clever trick with the tongue) "The Most Daring Lick," (an act of bravery using the tongue) and "The Ultimate Licker.
THE Licker Lounge might sound like an American strip joint but in fact it's a new party bar on New Bridge Street in Ayr.