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When Ulysses reached the lawn, in front of the palace, the lions and other savage animals came bounding to meet him, and would have fawned upon him and licked his feet.
Skipper did not recognize him, even when he sprang into the bunk, walked across Skipper's heaving chest, and licked the acrid sweat of fever from Skipper's face.
The boys congratulated him, and told him that he had licked Cheese-Face.
You licked Cheese-Face, and you'll lick the editors if it takes twice eleven years to do it in.
Nearer he came to the line of my property, and I could hear him making little moaning, whimpering noises as he licked the damp wood.
I did not know who it was, but when he lapped across the line and moaned and whimpered as he licked up my precious drops of dew, I struck out.
His mother, coming home, growled as she smelt the wolverine's track, and bounded into the cave and licked and nozzled him with undue vehemence of affection.
Then he licked his chops in quite the same way his mother did, and began to crawl out of the bush.
She nozzled him and caressed him and licked the cuts made in him by the weasel's teeth.
But as soon as he came near to Androcles he recognised his friend, and fawned upon him, and licked his hands like a friendly dog.
half a man, and I'll lick thee as well as wast ever licked in thy life.
Then fell the adder again on his neck, and licked his wound.
GIRAFFES at Dudley Zoo have healthy eating licked - thanks to new apple-flavoured mineral blocks which keepers have added to their enclosure.
If my husband licked my face,'' she said, "I'd be getting a rabies shot.
For a time we licked toes & liked it & neither of us asked