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She licked a toad," he blurted, pushing the cash into the top pocket of his white gown.
According to the police incident report, a district parent reported in August that the coach had "licked an open wound on the knee" of one student athlete and had similarly licked others.
In contrast, Meaney's group finds that adult females who were rarely licked and groomed by their mothers mirror that minimalist maternal style and exhibit relatively little estrogen sensitivity in mothering-related brain regions.
She was so trusting after all she had been through; she licked the tears off my face.
The growth of bacteria was observed on jawbreakers that were washed after being licked and compared to bacterial growth on jawbreakers that were not washed after being licked.
All three rats developed consistent patterns of behavior during the first stage of the experiment: They consumed the pellets of food promptly upon delivery and then licked and drank from the water spout.
As observed by Weeks (1978), deer were never seen licking the soil, although maximum use areas often seemed to have been licked extensively.
I've checked the paw and can't find any cuts or anything wrong; but he's licked it so much that it's starting to get raw.
The origin of oculolinctus is unknown but Chinese website Shanghaiist suggests it could have been inspired by a music video by Japanese band Born, in which the singer gets his eyeball licked by a woman.
They wanted Jones to testify that Jackson licked Jordy Chandler's head to show a pattern of behaviour.
DELIGHT: Wendy with her wonder dog Duke; AMAZING FEAT: Duke licked life into Wendy's toes
ROYAL MAIL has launched a n-ice series of stamps to make sure customers have Christmas licked this year.
Mrs Hodgetts said: "Jamie just licked the part that freezes up.