lick your lips

lick (one's) lips

To be eager and/or show signs of excitement before or during doing something that one enjoys or that is or will be beneficial to one. A reference to literally licking one's lips in anticipation of eating something delicious. All of the scouts are really licking their lips to get Jones on their roster. You should have seen John at the car show—he was practically licking his lips.
See also: lick, lip

lick (or smack) your lips (or chops)

look forward to something with eager anticipation.
1997 Guardian Headhunting agencies licked their chops at the prospect of the fat placement fees.
See also: lick, lip

lick/smack your ˈlips

1 move your tongue over your lips, especially before eating something good
2 (informal) show that you are excited about something and want it to happen soon: They were licking their lips at the thought of clinching the deal.
See also: lick, lip, smack
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BREAKING THROUGH Caro - Night & Day - March 1 Leeds based trio Caro have announced the details of their new track Lick Your Lips along with a UK tour for March 2018.
Don't lick: The cycle of wetting and drying that occurs when you lick your lips often causes chapping.
Avoid flavored balms because they may make you want to lick your lips more
IF I had a shop here, I'd be more inclined to call it something like Lick Your Lips, but plain old Ben's didn't disappoint.
Take care not to lick your lips, because this dries them out.
Smack your chops, lick your lips, eat a lovely bag of Chipsticks
Did you know that when your dog tries to lick your lips he is not really looking for a free meal but is actually showing submission?
Zinc citrate is added to neutralise sulphur compounds in the mouth and the minty flavour will make you lick your lips, so the active ingredients can zap all things unsavoury.
Try to pay attention to when you lick your lips and then think of something else you can do instead, such as drawing, or dancing to music
com This long lasting gloss is perfect for summer, as it has a high SPF, and a great holiday smell of sweets and bananas that will make you want to lick your lips in delight.