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three skips of a louse

obsolete Some infinitesimal or trivial amount. Sir, I care not even three skips of a louse for the censures of a reprobate such as yourself.
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louse someone or something up

Inf. to ruin something; to mess someone or something up. You really loused me up! You got me in a real mess! Who loused up my scheme?
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louse up

Spoil, ruin, bungle. For example, The bad weather loused up our plans, or Your change of mind really loused me up. This slangy expression originated in World War I, when infestation with lice was the common lot of soldiers in the trenches; its figurative use dates from the 1930s.
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louse up

To cause something to fail because of poor handling; botch something: The president loused up the merger, costing the company millions of dollars. Let me tell the story—you always louse it up.
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n. a thoroughly repellent person, usually a male. You can be such a louse!

louse something up

tv. to botch something up. Please don’t louse the typewriter ribbon up this time.
See also: louse, something, up
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Apply gel, mousse or spray or a peppermint lice repellent in your child's hair.
Myth: Lice can jump from furniture to a person's scalp.
However, not everyone is allergic to head lice, so you or your child may not notice a head lice infestation.
Ian Burgess, Director of the Medical Entomology Centre, told the Press Association: 'There is a huge amount of incorrect head lice information online, which exists on the more popular sites parents are visiting.
In addition to providing the lice-related services described below, we administered a 15-question survey regarding lice transmission to all consenting homeless adults who inquired about services.
Their propensity for living on homeless people and thriving in fetid conditions has given their head lice cousins a bad rap.
It's even easier with the introduction of products that eliminate nits and head lice in under 15 minutes safely, while not sacrificing efficacy.
According to the recent study, body lice first appeared about 190,000 years ago.
The most common age to get lice is between seven and 12.
A bloody meal gives lice their reddish brown color.
Researchers tested several blowers against lice and their eggs, or nits, on 169 children with head lice.
When I had four boys at school, I had head lice practically all the time myself.
When a child comes home from school with head lice and a note from the school nurse, parents usually experience a variety of emotions.
Research has revealed that wet combing is up to four times more effective than chemical treatments for head lice.
Where lice live on the body and how they got there are important considerations for optimal diagnosis and therapy, according to Dirk M.