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1. To destroy or annihilate someone or something. Often used humorously. Primarily heard in UK. A: "We get so many gnats and mosquitos here in the summer." B: "Don't worry. I bought a bug zapper to spifflicate the little pests!" The child behind me was screaming and kicking my chair for the entire flight. I was ready to spiflicate him by the time we landed!
2. dated To cause one to be drunk. Used especially in passive constructions. Primarily heard in US. We had so many bottles of wine with lunch that we were all properly spiflicated by the time we finished eating. I'll come with you for a pint or two, but I don't want to get spifflicated.
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and spificated (ˈspɪf(l)əkedəd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Mrs. Wilmington-Thorpe drank champagne until she was nearly spifflicated.


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