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slang To steal something (from someone or some place). I made sure to liberate some office equipment as I left the building for the last time. I heard he liberated a 1976 Corvette Stingray from the guy's mansion.

liberate from

1. slang To release someone or something from someone's or some group's control. The military managed to liberate all 108 hostages from the compound. You think you're coming into our country liberating us from an oppressor, but you are just an oppressor with a different face.
2. slang To steal something from someone or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "liberate" and "from." I made sure to liberate some equipment from the company as I left the building for the last time. I heard he liberated a 1976 Corvette Stingray from the guy's mansion.
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liberate someone or something from someone or something

to free someone or something from someone or something; to set someone or something free from the control of someone or something. The police hoped to liberate the child from his kidnappers. We liberated the town from the enemy. I liberated the cat from the trap.
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tv. to steal something. (Originally military.) We liberated a few reams of paper and a box of pens.
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The VeRo Liberator can therefore be quickly adapted to various input materials.
For a very good compendium on the design, production, and use of the venerable Liberator (and Privateer), this is a fine addition to anyone's library.
While the Liberator blueprints have sparked outrage in the country, Wilson believes that though the gun breeds harm but liberty is certainly in a better interest.
A metal plaque was placed on the gatepost 41 years later which reads: "This gate has filled the gap made by Liberator FK242 crashing on 31st October 1942 having been on anti-submarine duties over the Bay of Biscay.
Anyone who has enjoyed the proliferation of Easy Company books after the HBO series Band of Brothers will thoroughly enjoy The Liberator.
The pilot, who also worked for Ford, told Mr Harris that they had marked the Liberator down as a "probable" kill when they returned to their base in Norway.
I talked to Frank Jardim, who makes the repro Liberator, and told him the story, and we both agree it is entirely plausible.
This essay argues 1) that the Liberator served as a critical space of translocal political activity, and 2) that its language/political rhetoric functioned dialogically, that is: the way Liberator communicated was as important as the ideological positions it expressed.
Perhaps the most well-known of the Navy Liberator pilots was Lt Joseph P.
A spokesman for Mr Deenihan said: "Not alone was he a liberator to his people, he was a leading figure in the development of democracy and human rights in Europe.
She, more intuitive and wiser in the ways of human nature, assumed the role of counselor and protector of the Liberator.
Linking the two causes, William Lloyd Garrison's antislavery newspaper, The Liberator, published a cartoon showing Indian treaties being trampled by bidders at a slave auction.
Biographies carried over from the first edition include those for Chilean liberator Bernardo O'Higgins, the two Brazilian emperors, Jose Marti of Cuba, and Mexico's Pancho Villa.
The company also reports the return of Liberator Dopplebock.