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slang To steal something (from someone or some place). I made sure to liberate some office equipment as I left the building for the last time. I heard he liberated a 1976 Corvette Stingray from the guy's mansion.

liberate from

1. slang To release someone or something from someone's or some group's control. The military managed to liberate all 108 hostages from the compound. You think you're coming into our country liberating us from an oppressor, but you are just an oppressor with a different face.
2. slang To steal something from someone or some place. A noun or pronoun is used between "liberate" and "from." I made sure to liberate some equipment from the company as I left the building for the last time. I heard he liberated a 1976 Corvette Stingray from the guy's mansion.
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liberate someone or something from someone or something

to free someone or something from someone or something; to set someone or something free from the control of someone or something. The police hoped to liberate the child from his kidnappers. We liberated the town from the enemy. I liberated the cat from the trap.
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tv. to steal something. (Originally military.) We liberated a few reams of paper and a box of pens.
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Examining representative works by Ernest Gaines, Gloria Naylor, Charles Johnson, Toni Cade Bambara, and John Edgar Wideman, Page argues that these writers are united by "the rich intersubjective web of African American culture" and employ a wide variety of modernist and postmodernist techniques to express a vision of life which is liberatingly social.
Swenson's anger, to be sure, ends up trained on his colleagues and dean, all too ready to play "by the rules of this cult" to which they've surrendered their lives, to play scripted roles from the top down when the time comes to drum him out as a "predatory harasser." But at the same time, Swenson responds by looking inward while Coleman, eager for an end to "significance," settles for the liberatingly nonverbal obsession with Faunia, leaving it to Zuckerman, more or less, to handle the meaning of it all.
No darkness, finally, for Ensler: her revelations are uproariously funny, lewd, rude and liberatingly honest.
Pic is liberatingly daring in both theme and treatment, but the price of such daring is occasional pretentiousness.
Wally's elder sister Sheila, who was a dance teacher, might be doing the fox-trot on one floor, while downstairs the shoe business was in full swing; and at all hours there seemed to be the possibility of extempore meals of a nature, for that period, wonderfully and liberatingly un-British.
Translations, Friel's most liberatingly political play to date, weds fictive characters to a real historical phenomenon: the 19th-century re-naming of Celtic places into English.