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libel chill

The silencing effect that the threat of a libel lawsuit can have on those who would be sued if they continue such speech. The whistleblower's silence after being threatened with a lawsuit by her former company is a classic case of libel chill.
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the greater the truth, the greater the libel

The more damaging or incendiary a fact is, the greater legal ramifications its publisher will face. Based on seditious libel laws of England in the 18th century. The Crown aimed to stamp out any and all seditious or rebellious publications that would aim to undermine or discredit the empire, truth being considered no defense whatsoever. In their eyes, the greater the truth, the greater the libel.
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The greater the truth, the greater the libel.

Prov. It is more offensive to say something damaging and true about someone than it is to tell a damaging lie. Jill: Fred's really upset. Someone's started a rumor that he's unfaithful to his wife. Jane: But it's true. Jill: Yeah, but the greater the truth, the greater the libel.
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(12) To another anonymous libeler, the surname of Bacon's longtime adversary, Sir Edward Coke, provided too tempting an opportunity to be missed: "For if thy faults grow common, / Thou soone wilt find a nimble Cooke / Slice rashers from thy gammon" the poem "On Fran.
He insists on the regulatory nature of "true satire," as distinguished from the punitive attack of the libeler. In Tatler 92 (10 November 1709), he says that "Libel and Satyr are promiscuously joined together in the Notions of the Vulgar, though the Satyrist and Libeller differ as much as the Magistrate and the Murderer" (2:74).
Those who spread false tweets produced with Photoshop are obviously libelers. They are pursuing a treacherous plan."
"Exposing" blood libelers is very different from judging them, as Bale asserts.
Lam Akol Ajawin, and the SPLM-DC were lighting everywhere and convincing the citizens to see the light at the end of our dark SPLM tunnel." Funniest enough, the South Sudan Anti-corruption Commission (SSAC) is trying to fight corruption, but by wasting public time and money in opening as many offices for awareness instead of prosecution of the suspected corruption criminals if not libelers. The legal charges could be permitted under Chapter XXI, Offenses Related to Acquisition of Property (i.e., Theft and Theft Related Offenses under sections 293 - 314 of Southern Sudan Penal Code, 2008) though with question marks whether this is relevant any more to the Republic of South Sudan.
They're very successful, often expanding the pool of defendants to their employers for not sacking aberrant libelers even when their aspersions are cast online.
Libelers proclaimed almost unanimously that the world of purely oral tradition was long gone," p.