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libel chill

The silencing effect that the threat of a libel lawsuit can have on those who would be sued if they continue such speech. The whistleblower's silence after being threatened with a lawsuit by her former company is a classic case of libel chill.
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The greater the truth, the greater the libel.

Prov. It is more offensive to say something damaging and true about someone than it is to tell a damaging lie. Jill: Fred's really upset. Someone's started a rumor that he's unfaithful to his wife. Jane: But it's true. Jill: Yeah, but the greater the truth, the greater the libel.
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On this thin reed, Sullivan claimed he had been personally libeled.
However, Rouch contended he was libeled because the article erroneously stated he was "charged" with the crime; that a prosecutor had authorized his arrest; and that statements from "his children" rather than his former stepchildren had implicated him in the crime.
In the court filing it is alleged, "Amazon has knowingly, maliciously and intentionally libeled Alpha in order to mislead Alpha's customers and the public into terminating business relationships with Gearbox or refusing to enter into business relationships with Gearbox.
The lawsuit alleges the 10 were later libeled in a chamber press release that also was published in the organization's newsletter.
Although some people can have their lives ruined by being libeled," Tait said, "95% of the country can't afford a libel case.
Ten former Palmdale Chamber of Commerce members have filed a lawsuit alleging they were wrongfully ousted and then libeled by chamber leaders.